Zee Kannada’s Brand New Show Gattimela Has Begun And Here’s Why We Can’t Keep Calm

Amulya and Vedanth's love-hate relationship will keep you hooked! Watch the first episode if you don't believe me.

Nisha And Rakshit From Gattimela In A Still

Like Kamali and Paaru, here comes Gattimela, a tale of two opposite personalities, who eventually fall for each other and get married. I honestly can’t hold my excitement because of the unique story the show promises. It revolves around Vedanth and Amulya, two humans as different as chalk and cheese!

The first episode started with a bang! Watch it here:

With enough masala and the right emotions, the characters of Gattimela impressed all viewers. So what is the show about?

Gattimela is about Vedanth, a rich and successful businessman, who absolutely hates being around women. The only exception is ladies who are his mother’s age! On the other hand, Amulya is one among the four daughters of Parimala, the owner of a small catering business called Aarti Catering Services. She is a fun-loving person who knows how to give a fight in the face of injustice.

Nisha Ravikrishnan As Amulya Manjunath In Gattimela
Nisha Ravikrishnan As Amulya Manjunath In Gattimela

Amulya’s family consists of her mother Parimala, her father Manjunath and her three sisters; Aarti, Aditi and Anjali. Each sister has a unique quality about them. For example, Aarti is a her mother’s pet and a god fearing woman. Amulya, the second child is like the son of the house, who runs errands and helps her mother in her business. The third sister is Aditi, who is a lover of the performing arts always ends up breaking into a song or dance.

Raksh As Vedanth Vasishta In Gattimela
Rakshit As Vedanth Vasishta In Gattimela

We haven’t learnt much about Vedanth’s household except that he has a sister, Aadya and a mother, who is extremely possessive about the Vasistha family’s name in the society. So much so that she orders for jewellery that is over 50 gms minimum for Aadya’s big day!!

Let’s hope the second episode gives us some more insight into the show. Have you watched the first episode of Gattimela yet? Do tell us what you liked in the space provided below.

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