World Emoji Day: 5 Times Kamali’s Ningi Aka Ankietha Looked Like An Emoji :D

Blush face, Pout face, Wink Face... different Emojis Namma Ningi has mastered. BTW, Happy World Emoji Day to you from the entire Zee Kannada Kutumba.

Kamini And Ningi Pose For A Selfie. Did You Notice Where Ningi's Glasses Are

We are back with another Ningi special, just for you! On World Emoji Day that is celebrated today, we decided to take one of the quirkiest characters on the Zee Kannada roster and see how many emoji faces she could nail to the bone. It is none other than the cute actress Ankietha M aka Ningi, Kamali’s best friend. While her onscreen and offscreen personalities are as different as chalk and cheese, she has taken fans by a storm with her active social media presence. But first let us find out the essence of World Emoji Day, shall we? 

Today is the unofficial day to celebrate an Emoji, a small digital icon used to represent an emotion or actions, digitally. Most of us use these while using social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. It is also used in messenger services like Whatsapp, Hike etc. The unofficial holiday, however, came on the calendar in 2014, by Jeremy Burge, exactly one year after it was officially added into the Oxford dictionary. Let’s now see which all emojis Namma Ningi has got absolutely bang-on!

1. Smiley Face

A Still Of Ankietha Doing The Smiley Face
Source: Instagram

2. Blush Face

A Still Of Ankietha Doing The Blush Face
Source: Instagram

3. Kissy Face

A Still Of Ankietha Doing The Kiss Face
Source: Instagram

4. The Classic Pout Face

A Still Of Ankietha And Padmavasanthi Doing The Pout Face
Source: Instagram

5. Wink Face

A Still Of Ankietha Doing The Wink Face
Source: Instagram

It is clear by now that Namma Ningi can master any pose and if she has company it is even better. If you think we missed any of her expressions, keep us posted in the space given below.

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