Why Have Aditya And Paaru Come To Aarthi’s Wedding On Gattimela? The TWIST That Await Us

Tonight on Gattimela, Aditya and Paaru will be present either to expose Gautham's true face, or stop the wedding or get Vicky and Aarthi married!

A Still Of Aditya, Paaru, Amulya And Vedanth, The Lead Characters Of Paaru And Gattimela, Repectively

Gattimela’s story has gotten to a very interesting plot at the moment. For weeks now Vedanth has been trying to prove to everyone around him including Vicky and Amulya that Gautham is a monster in the form of an innocent-looking man. Unfortunately for him, no one is ready to believe him. This not only proved Gautham’s upper-hand in his little game with Vedanth but also showed that for the latter time has started running out. And now, we know two things for sure. One is that Gautham is a complete psychopath and second, Vedanth is ruining his image trying to prove the truth to his brother and his arch-nemesis.

However, some good news seems to be on the way for Aarthi, Vicky, Vedanth and Amulya. It seems that Vedanth’s friend Aditya (Akhilandeshwari‘s son in Paaru) has come to put an end to all the chaos caused by Gautham. Or could it possibly because they just intend to stop the wedding? Gautham’s plan was going too smoothly, he had even discussed everything with Sarika. The plan was set. The fake police would take away Vicky and Vedanth couldn’t have possibly done anything. In today’s preview, it seems like to an extent Gautham was successful too. In the beginning, Parimala is seen beating him to a pulp. But…

A Smiling Still Of Vedanth
Source: ZEE5

At the end of yesterday’s episode did you notice the slight smile that left Vedanth’s face as he looked at Gautham? It meant that he too has something running in his mind. And Voila! His childhood friend Aditya seems to be his saviour on today’s episode. Paaru has come along with her doddejmanre to the venue too. Will these two angels be the ones to unite Aarthi and Vicky in the end? According to our EXCLUSIVE pics we shared with you earlier, that most definitely seems to be the case, so let’s keep our fingers crossed for tonight’s episode.

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