WHO Reverses Its Stand On Shutting Down Wet Markets In China

The WHO makes a U-turn on imposition of permanent ban on China's wet markets, sparking criticism from UN and over 200 conservation groups.

China wet markets

Despite considering various restrictions on China’s wet markets, the World Health Organisation (WHO) has failed to impose a complete ban on the markets. According to the organisation, wet markets are the biggest source of livelihood in the country. WHO food safety and viruses expert Peter Ben Embarek claims that the wet markets in Wuhan could have played a role in giving rise to the Coronavirus. China, however, completely dismisses these allegations.

Earlier, the WHO had decided to stop wet markets totally but now it states that such markets are important food sources and one of the biggest job generators across the globe. The WHO has urged the local authorities to improve the infrastructure and ensure cleanliness in these markets.

Along with the UN, over 200 conservation groups have sent an open letter criticising the WHO for reversing their decision regarding China’s wet markets.

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