When Gattimela Met Paaru: Here Are 5 Things We Learnt About The New Show And Its Cast

Gattimela will keep you hooked! Watch out for this cute love story between Amulya and Vedanth, two people as different as chalk and cheese.

Here's What We Found Out From When The Shows Gattimela And Paaru Met

Recently, the popular serial Paaru introduced the cast of the new show Gattimela that launched on the 11th of March. So what is the show about? We’ll get there shortly. First, let’s look at how the characters were introduced on Paaru, shall we?

During the preparations of Akhila’s birthday, Adi found his childhood friend ‘Vedanth’ (male protagonist on Gattimela). On the other hand, Paaru finds herself in a fix as the food she prepares for Akhila Amma gets ruined. Hanumantha then suggests taking help from a catering business, run by his friend’s wife. Enter the female protagonist, Amulya, the second daughter of Parimala (the owner of the Aarthi Catering Services).

When Amulya and Vedanth come face-to-face with each other, there is a clash of personalities! They were guests on Paaru for a week and here’s what we learnt about the show and its cast.

1. Yin and Ying

Vedanth is a successful businessman and does everything right except one thing, he hates women! Amulya, his soul-mate, comes from a lower-middle class family and is a free-spirited human being. Together they will eventually be two sides of the same coin!

2. The ‘but’…

Despite the fact that he hates women, Vedanth never fails to save any woman in trouble as he believes in fighting against evil and injustice. Amulya is a free-spirited human sure, but she is confined by the restrictions her family poses, given their financial stature.

Nisha, Rakshit And Mokshitha In A Still From The Show Paaru
Nisha, Rakshit And Mokshitha In A Still From The Show Paaru

3. The exclusion

Vedanth also has no qualms whatsoever with women like his mother or Akhilandeshwari. He even recognises Savithri after so many years of seeing her. The only exclusion to his dislike are ladies who are older than he is. All the others are a big no-no for this rich businessman!

4. Their first meeting 

As soon as they come face-to-face, they immediately develop a dislike for each other because of the qualities the other possesses. While Amulya tries many times to find out the reason why Vedanth dislikes women so much, they end up in a stalemate. The rest will obviously be told through the show itself. But clashes before romance is an exciting journey for the fans, so we can’t wait!!

Mokshitha Pai And Nisha Ravikrishnan Clicking A Selfie
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5. Amulya’s family

Amulya’s family includes her father and Hanumantha’s best friend, Manjunath, a sweet-natured man. Her mother, Parimala, has only one worry in her, to get her four daughters married! Amulya has two younger sisters, Aditi and Anjali. She also has an older sister, Aarthi. Together she and the ladies in a family help run their home-based catering business.

Are you excited to see another show that focuses on women? I know I am! Leave your thoughts about the concept of this show in the space given below.

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