Wearing Flowers In Your Hair Like Belli Has Benefits That You Were Probably Unaware Of

It is an ancient custom to decorate your hair with fragrance-infused flowers. Did you know that it is beneficial for you? We are still surprised!

Belli Looks Great Wearing Flowers In Her Fair. Now You Will Love Them Too

Yaare Nee Mohini actress Sushma Shekhar, who has pleased us with her onscreen persona of Belli, loves decorating her hair with different flowers. So much so, that in almost all her scenes of Belli, you can see flowers beautifully placed in her hair. Now comes the best part, did you honestly know that using flowers as a hair decoration piece is beneficial for you? 

Firstly, you might have heard that many years ago, flowers were used as ornaments like garlands, earrings and head decorating accessories. Flowers have more than one purpose. They beautify everything around them. Furthermore, the flora was mainly a sign of prosperity and peace back then. It is considered sacred even now. Belli certainly has a natural drawn instinct to wear these beautiful garlands on her hair, and honestly, we are quite jealous. 

It is important to note that different flowers have different benefits and uses. Garlands made of Jasmine especially helps relax the stressed pores on your scalp because of its unique properties. It is also quite soothing in terms of its fragrance. More importantly, jasmine is a sign of good luck. 

Rose is another flower used to decorate tresses. It is beneficial from the love aspect of your life. Perhaps a sign to attract your loved one (as considered in the olden days). Similarly, wearing Violets signifies good luck, while Hibiscus portrays strength (popularly offered to Goddess Kali). While there are many more flowers that are worn as hair accessories, these four flowers are popularly worn throughout the south of India.

Any of these hair garlands today can be worn to family functions, events or even to a temple. Just by wearing a simple set of flowers, your mood will change into something soothing and the feeling of relaxation will set in.

Do you like wearing flowers in your hair? Share your thoughts about this in the comments section below! 

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