Vinaya Prasad As Opposed To Her Onscreen Character In Paaru Is A Darling And We Have Proof

Her stare, on the show, might throw you into panic; but Akhilandeshwari is a real-life darling. Here are 8 reasons why...

Vinaya Prasad Is A Cool AF Person And Here Are Images To Prove It

If you have watched the hit show Paaru, you will know that Vinaya Prasad aka Arasane Koteya Akhilandeshwari Devi is known for her terror onscreen. One stare is enough to throw you into a panic. Don’t you agree? However, in real life, this lady is the coolest person you will ever meet. She has a super fun personality who doesn’t let her age come in the way of socialising with the younger generations.

You would already know by now that she is the proud mother of the actress Prathama Prasad Rao, who plays the role of Janaki on the show Jodi Hakki. Not only has this actress proved to be a hip and happening mom, but she never fails to show enthusiasm with her colleagues’ on set. It might be difficult to picture a stringent Akhilandeshwari smiling widely but check out Vinaya’s adorable pics.

1. With Disha

2. Paaru loves her Akhila Ammaure

3. Disha’s mother is happy alright

4. Her real-life daughter knows how cool her mom is.

5. Her smile makes everything fun

6. For Vinaya, the age doesn’t matter, a fan is a fan!

7. Akhila posing for a selfie with her younger boy

8. Her onscreen husband looks super happy to get clicked with the veteran

Bottom line is that Vinaya is a happy-go-lucky person. Sporting a friendly personality, this Paaru actress has won countless hearts with her work on the show, including that of her fellow actors. The proof is in the pics.

What is commendable is that she plays a completely different character on the show as opposed to her real-life persona. While Akhilandeshwari spreads terror in everyone around her, Vinaya is a crowd puller and often finds herself surrounded by only die-hard fans.

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