Vedanth, Vikranth: Top 5 Men Of Gattimela Who Serve As Ideal Romantic Partners

If you’re wondering what an ideal partner is like, here are five men from your favourite shows to answer this question!


Gattimela 16 March 2020 Preview_ Amulya Confesses Her Love To Vedanth
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The four girls in the Manjunath family of Gattimela are empowered, independent, strong and a reason to look up to at all times. However, here are five men from the show who are absolute gentlemen and an equivalent to their partners or potential ones. Take a look!

Needless to say, Vedanth has always come across as a stern and serious workaholic who has no time for romantic relationships or any sort of casual friendships. However, as he develops feelings for Amulya in spite of trying very hard not to, he evolves as a person wherein he begins to understand her and her emotions. He also shows a lot of regard towards her when she confesses her love for him and asks her more about it so that he is able to identify his feelings for her. However, his approach towards the same is gentle and always with the intention to clear things out between them.


Gattimela 13 March 2020 Written Update_ Vikranth And Aarthi Share A Romantic Moment (1)
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Vikranth and Arati are #CoupleGoals, don’t you agree? While the two are newly married, let’s go back to all the times Vikranth has supported Arati just as she has. He respects her for her reserved personality and never fails to tell her how important she is to him. He also helps her get out of her comfort zone and try new things while also supporting her with all the changes she is experiencing.


A Still Of Manjunath And Parimala
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Manjunath is not only a great father of four but also an ideal husband to Pari. He, too, always appreciates her for how she has run the house and never fails to tell her how she is the pillar of strength in the family. Apart from this, he is romantic and always ensures that Pari is happy.


Gattimela 13 March 2020 Preview_ Druva Discovers Whose Marriage It Is
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Druva and Adithi are developing feelings for each other and we really can’t wait to see where that story goes! Meanwhile, Druva always finds a reason to help her with any problem she faces. Adithi, too, has a lot of regard for the help that he provided her family with. Whether it is helping Pari with her food delivery business or selling the food with Adithi, Druva has always had her back.


A Still Of Sarthak And Aadya
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Sarthak, who is married to Adya, is gentle and helpful. Not only does he consider Adya’s family as his own, but he also tries to help Sarika understand that she shouldn’t come in the way of Vikranth and Arati as they’re in love. He also helps Adya and Vikranth in getting Amulya and Vedanth together as they have still not realised their love for each other.

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