Vedanth, Amulya: Here’s What Your Gattimela Stars Are Doing During The Lockdown

Update yourself with everything that your Gattimela stars are doing during the lockdown!


Don’t you miss watching Arati’s new married life and Vedanth and Amulya’s budding love story? Well, we miss Gattimela as much as you do! So today, we look at some of the fun things that your favourite stars from the show are doing during the lockdown. Take a look.

Nisha Ravikrishnan – Amulya

Amulya is all about spreading love on-screen as well as off it. Here’s a picture of her spending some quality time with her dog during the lockdown. Isn’t it the cutest thing you’ve seen today?

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Rakshit – Vedanth

Vedanth looks fit and fab and there is a reason for the same. He takes care of his health and is cautious about everything he eats and drinks. Speaking of drinks, take a look at Vedanth sipping on green tea while enjoying the weekend.

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Ashwini – Arati 

Don’t we all love the subtle but the daring beauty of Arati on-screen? Well, it’s not a surprise that our favourite Manjunath sister is taking in all that nature has to offer during the lockdown.

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Abhishek Das – Vikranth 

If it isn’t for the younger brother of Vedanth, the show would never be as fun and interesting as it is today. Seems like Vicky is using his lockdown time to reminisce his childhood as he puts up a picture of himself with his mother back in 1997 as opposed to today. This one is a favourite!

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Anvitha Sagar – Adya 

Don’t y0u miss Adya’s chirpiness? Well, don’t worry as Adya is back with all the source of joy as she makes yet another InShot video of herself singing a tune and also doing other Instagram challenges to kill time during the lockdown.

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