USA Sees A Ray Of Hope In Gilead Sciences Inc’s Remdesivir Drug

The US government is all set to distribute the drug Remdivisir in a few of its hotspots to bring the situation under control.

Covid 19 vaccine

In the initial days of research, Gilead Sciences Inc’s Remdesivir drug showed some positive and effective signs of treatment in Coronavirus patients. Primarily, the drug was used as a cure for ebola, and according to research, will also be effective in treating COVID-19 patients. Remdesivir will certainly help patients recover faster and spend fewer days in hospitals. Now, the US government is about to receive around 40% of Gilead Science Inc’s global relations along with a donation of 6,00,000 doses of the drug.

Looking at the effectiveness of Remdesivir, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) declared that these drugs shall be distributed to hotspot areas like New York and Boston where the number of cases and fatalities is increasing rapidly. This distribution operation will take place in the upcoming weeks and the Government is quite hopeful that Remdesivir will bring the situation under control.

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