US Upset With China’s Handling Of COVID-19 Pandemic And Non-Cooperation In Investigation

America may adopt some tough measures and impose strict restrictions on China for its spread of Coronavirus, which has claimed 80,000 lives in the US.

Us President Trump and China President Jinping

The United States of America claims that China is answerable for the COVID-19 pandemic which broke out in December 2019, in Wuhan, before spreading across the world and killing 3,00,000 people. US President Donald Trump is upset with Beijing’s handling of the disease, which has taken the lives of 80,000 Americans so far. He claims that Xi Jinping, the President of the People’s Republic of China, is not cooperating with the US in the pandemic investigations. This scenario will give Trump the authority to impose strict restrictions on China. It will also lead the US to confiscate China’s monetary resources and properties.

Trump can also gain the power to boycott China’s travel into his country and cancel their visa. China’s business and economy can face unfavourable repercussions, being under US financial institution’s debt. The share market of America can stop Chinese companies to find their place on the listings. If Trump takes these actions, China will be in big trouble.

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