Ugadi Special: Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Lil Champs Season 16 Celebrates The 6 Flavours Of Life

Bitter, Sweet, Spicy, Salty, Tangy and Sour are the six flavours that form the essence of Ugadi. More details inside.

1. Bitterness

Neem Signifies The Bitterness That We Carry With Us In Life
Source: Zasya, ZEE5 Instagram

It’s that time of the year when all Kannadathis welcome auspiciousness and the festive splendour. Namma Zee Kannada Kutumba seems to be all set to host a fantastic evening called the Ugadi Swara Sambrama by collaborating the participants of Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Season 15 and Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Lil Champs Season 16. Are you excited to celebrate the new year with them?

Before we share with you how the stars celebrated the festival, do you know that Ugadi is a combination of the six flavours of life? What this means is that on the day of the new year, all special dishes prepared must have a mix of each of these flavours in them. Starting with bitterness. What this signifies is, the disappointments and setbacks one faces in their lifetime.

2. Sweetness

Source: Zasya, ZEE5 Instagram

Ugadi’s main ingredient is Bella, or Jaggery in English. This taste symbolises the sweet and goodness of life, that keeps one happy.

3. Spice

Source: Zasya, ZEE5 Instagram

Since spice is known as the variety of life, this flavour signifies all the anger and outbursts that you see or experience.

4. Saltiness

A Still Of Anushree Performing During The Ugadi Swara Sambrama
Source: Zasya, ZEE5 Instagram

The salty taste is known for fear, which means fearing the unknown. This is a common phase for everyone because we all are scared of something or the other from the unknown, right?

5. Sourness

Source: Zasya, ZEE5 Instagram

While many of us love the flavour of tamarind, its basic significance is that of the unpleasant and acidic phase of our life. Basically, it is all the unwanted experiences that made life sour for you.

6. Tanginess

A Still Of Rajesh Krishnan Performing On Stage
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Ugadi marks the onset of the mango season, thus signifying that certain tastes like tanginess remain on our palette for a long time. It’s like your best memories or experiences that will stay with you forever.

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