This Tiny Human Sent Her Love To The Cast Of Paaru And The Outcome Was Exceptional

This video is guaranteed to make you 'happy-cry'!

This Little Angel Will Make You Day, As She Did For Namma Aditya

Fans make or break an actor. In better words, without his/her fans, an actor won’t make it to the billboard! Fans of all ages add value to an actor’s reputation. Amongst all of this, we came across something so adorably cute that your heart will turn to mush. Remember Akhilandeshwari’s hiri maga, Aditya? The world’s cutest fan wished him and Paaru the best of luck for their show and the video is adorbs! 

While an actor can bask in the popularity, keeping a tab on your fans is imperative. Why I love Sharath, is because he not only reposted this little darling’s video but also described it from his heart. Aww! The industry needs more actors like him, don’t you think? Ready to see this doll? Scroll down… 

With more than 5 fan-clubs dedicated to him, Sharath thanked this little bundle of joy by writing, That joy is priceless ♥️ purest form of love !! Can’t ask for anything more !! This motivates me to work more harder !! . Over 22k views and counting, Sharath’s fan-following is positively picking up pace after that delightful video. And why wouldn’t it? Such a hot actor with amazing values is sure to make you fall in love.  

Mokshitha Pai, who plays the role of Paaru on the show, is the new heartthrob in town, with her lovable looks and simple attire. Little Anvesha, from the video, sent her love to Paaru aunty as well. No matter how many times I watch it, my heart melts looking at this lovely kid. It goes without saying that this pocket-sized powerhouse is the biggest fan of the show!  

What do you think? Give Anvesha a shout out in the comments below for a great job in making a fan video for the show. 

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