This Mother’s Day, We Explore How Paaru’s Akhilandeshwari Is A Super Mom To Adi-Preethu

On this special day, we celebrate the beautiful on-screen mom Akhila from Paaru.

She Is A Role Model For Her Kids

Adi visits Akhila and Raghu
Adi visits Akhila and Raghu

Akhilandeshwari from your favourite Zee Kannada show Paaru, is the ideal mother to both her sons. So perfect is she that even Paaru believes Akhila to be her mother even though she might not have been born to her! Here’s why everyone needs a mom like Akhila.

She is a role model for kids and parents alike. Just like every mother is the first person her child makes a connection with, Akhila too has a very strong bond with Adi and Paaru. She is hardworking and supportive of her kids which make her sons also want to be like her. She is self-made which serves as a source of inspiration to Adi and Preethu.

She Sets Boundaries

Adi and Paaru console Preethu
Adi and Paaru console Preethu

While Akhila might come across as very strong and stern, she is also the most loving mother to her children. However, she has set boundaries to make them learn the right from wrong and the context behind the same. She has also encouraged them to set boundaries for themselves so that no one can take advantage of them personally and professionally.

She Always Tells Her Sons To Be Respectful

A Still Of Adi, Akhila And Raghu
Source: ZEE5

Respect is all about give-and-take. Akhila and her sons respect each other which makes this bond stronger than ever. She doesn’t try and control them but encourages the two to live life independently and learn from their mistakes. It is because of this that they never fight against what she says and always listen to her.

She Is Supportive And Loving

A Still Of Raghu, Akhila And Preethu
Source: ZEE5

As we all know, Akhila is the most loving and supportive parent. When she comes to know that Preethu is in love with Janani, she supports him and sends him to the village so that he can fight for his love and gain Veerayya’s trust. She also moves to the village with Raghu so that she can keep an eye on both her sons. But she does so out of concern and not suspicion, which is an important point to note.

She Has A Lot Of Patience

She tells Akhila to perform the functions that her mother would
She tells Akhila to perform the functions that her mother would

Akhila is extremely patient. She has always taught her children to not make decisions in haste which is why they gradually gain Veerayya’ trust. She does not shout at them when they make mistakes but instead, tries to make them understand the particular situation first. This is what makes communication easier between her and her children.

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