These Cute Contestants Of Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Lil Champs Season 16 Will Brighten Your Day

One of them is only 3 and a half years old and you’ll be surprised how she can even speak so many words, let alone sing!

What a wonderful start to the 16th Season of Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Lil Champs! With hostess Anushree keeping everyone entertained through and through, the judges; Arjun Janya, Rajesh Krishnan and the Mahaguru – Nadabramha Hamsalekha Sir, too, had their fair share of fun with the contestants.

Watch Gnana perform for her audition at 19:10 in this episode:

Amongst the 19 shortlisted participants are two little girls who just won my heart. Their courage to come up on stage given their toddler-age moved the audience and the judges alike. Anushree’s chemistry with them though was mind-blowing!

Ready to meet the special contestants of Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Lil Champs Season 16?

1. Parnika Yashodhar from Bengaluru, Aged 6 years

Parnika Yashodhar From Bengaluru
Parnika Yashodhar From Bengaluru

Born in the country of Egypt and settled with her parents in Bengaluru, Parnika Yashodhar put up a delightful performance that just wooed the judges. What is commendable about this child is that she remembered her lyrics very well and synced it right with the music.

2. Gnana from Puttur, Aged 3.5 years

Gnana From Puttur
Gnana From Puttur

If one cute little girlie wasn’t enough, here’s another one! Gnana, the second special contestant, was selected as soon as the judges conversed with her. Remember, the kid who said ‘Hiiiiiiiiii’ to Anushree in the first episode? Watching her onstage will win your heart!

The lovely judges impressed us with their big hearts to include these two baby girls into the final 19. They were also very moved by the way Parnika and Gnana sang word-to-word with the music and without fumbling. Kudos to these little girlies and we expect you to share your love and support to them.

Give a big shout out to Parnika and Gnana in the space below if you think they were just adorable on stage!

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