The Jungle Book TV Series Is Now Exclusively Available On ZEE Kids!

If you want to keep your little ones entertained and make them learn some life lessons from Mowgli, then tune into The Jungle Book on ZEE5 Kids

The Jungle Book TV Series Is Now Exclusively Available On ZEE Kids!

We all are fans of Mowgli, aren’t we? Well, he is back for us on ZEE Kids and we cannot help but binge on this beautiful show that never gets old.

The show tells the story of Mowgli, a young boy who jumps off his cradle only to find himself in a jungle. He is awe-struck with the world of animals and forests around him and soon Mowgli meets  Sher Khan who discovers that he (Mowgli) is lost in the jungle. While Ka (a snake) seeks help from Baghera (a panther), they all work towards keeping Mowgli safe.

If all you want is a little bit of adventure during this lockdown, then make sure to indulge in the evergreen story of The Jungle Book. What makes this show even special is the fact that it not only grabs the interest of kids but caters to viewers of all ages.

A still from The Jungle Book
A still from The Jungle Book

The story is a detailed narration of Mowgli, who is a human being, and how he enters a forest with animals who go to every extent to take care of him. This also works as a lesson for children to treat animals with respect and take care of them as one of their own. Apart from this, The Jungle Book also teaches us some important life lessons. For instance, how we should always face our fears and never get scared, how we should make the most of our life and strive to live in the present without dwelling on the past or thinking too much about the future. The series makes us aware that we should live harmoniously and friendships should be cherished for eternity. It makes us more sensitive towards people as well as animals.

In the show, each character like Ka, Sher Khan or Bagheera are all iconic as well as distinct animals with different personality traits. However, for those who become familiar with the show, you will always have your favourite character that you relate to the most. This makes the show even more interesting and closer to the heart.

Catch all episodes of The Jungle Book exclusively on ZEE5!