Thanks To Namma Parvathi Hanumantha, We Now Have The Biggest Beauty Secret Ever

Why is the Hibiscus called the 'Botox Plant'? We are super-excited to tell you!

Paaru's Beauty Secret Is Out And We Can't Keep Calm

Mokshitha Pai, who plays the character of Paaru, is doing a fantastic job, and rightfully so. With Arasane Koteya Akhilandeshwari on her side, there is nothing that Paaru can’t achieve. Sometime back, Paaru disclosed her beauty secret to Adi’s sister which made us do some digging. 

In this episode, Parvathi reveals her secret:

You must be knowing that theDasavala hoo‘, known popularly in English as the Hibiscus flower, is beneficial for more than one reasons. What you probably didn’t know is that with this one flower you can become the most beautiful version of yourself!! So how does it work? Let’s find out, shall we?

1. The Botox Plant

High on anti-ageing properties, the Hibiscus flower has been universally accepted as the botox plant. Plus, if it is natural you know that it can’t do any damage right? Good luck with your wrinkly areas!

2. Even out your skin tone

A Still From The Show Paaru
A Still From The Show Paaru

With a reputation of increasing the elasticity of the skin, this flower speeds up the cell turnover and evens out your skin, that might be damaged because of UV radiation exposure, too much of melanin production or even your own genetics!

3. It is filled with antioxidants

Rich in anthocyanocides, an antioxidant, this plant helps to fights off all the stuff that is bad for your skin and face. It’s astringent properties also prevents large pores from forming.

4. The best moisturiser ever!!

A Still Of Mokshitha Pai In Paaru
A Still Of Mokshitha Pai In Paaru

The sticky substance present in the Hibiscus flower can be considered the world’s best salve because it helps the skin to retain the moisturiser causing the skin to stay firm and provide a youthful complexion!

5. Your complexion will naturally purify 

The Dasavala Hoo will break down all the dead skin lurking on your body and bring back the balance of tighter and more youthful skin.

Did you know these benefits of the Hibiscus flower? If you know any more benefits of using it, share your comments in the space given below.

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