Take This Fun Test To Find Out If You Know These 7 Facts About Kamali’s Bestie Ningi

She is smart, cool and a bada**, both in her real and reel life. I didn't know #6, what about you?

1. Her one true BFF

Besties Amulya And Ankietha Pose Together For A Still
Source: Instagram

Ankietha from the show Kamali on Zee Kannada has totally blown our mind with her brilliant acting. A comedian by nature, she plays the character of Kamali’s best friend Ningi. These two have been inseparable since the beginning of the show. And since then, their friendship just kept blossoming on and off-sets.

2. Red is Ankietha's happy colour

Namma Ningi Leaps In Her Red Outfit Making Her Look So Cute
Source Instagram

You will find Namma Ningi in so many outfits that are either red or have splashes of red. If you are a fan and follow her closely, you’ll know what I am talking about. It seems to bring out the best in Ankietha.

3. Traditional wear is her go-to apparel

Ankietha Looks Sizzling In This Outfit
Source: Instagram

While many women lose interest in traditional clothing over time, Ankietha’s true beauty shines whenever she wears them. These kinds of outfits make her look chic and mature. 

4. Nose pieces and her have a close bond

Kamali's Ningi Poses For A Selfie
Source: Instagram

Addicted to nose pieces, Ankietha’s pose has just enough oomph to make you fall in love. Her appeal grows ten times when she wears these pretty accessories. Don’t you think?

5. A slight yet adorable dimple when she smiles

Namma Ningi And Her Slight Dimple
Source: Instagram

Ankietha not only looks cute as a button with that smile, but I am sure many of you might feel like pulling her cheeks too. Her chubbiness is honestly the cutest thing about her.

6. Dogs are life

Brittny Iyer And Ankietha Pose In Snuggly Cuddles
Sourc: Instagram

All dog-owners/lovers know that once you are attached to a buddy, staying away from them is impossible. Also, these are the only animals that shower you with indispensable love no matter what.

7. Her crush from Bollywood

SRK Posing For A Still
Source: Instagram

Just like any other millennial, Ankietha is a die-hard fan of the Bollywood sensation SRK. She wishes him on one of his birthdays like a true fan. Aww!

Which detail about her surprised you the most? Did we miss out on any point? Share your thoughts and comments in the box below with #ILoveAnkietha

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