Subbalakshmi Samsara 24-30 May 2019 Weekly Recap: Charu-Indira Continue Troubling Subbi

From devious taunts to physical abuse, Charu and Indira fail every attempt to annoy Subbi, who has Arun’s trust. Also, the hunt for Guru is on!

A Still Of The Cast Of Subbalakshmi Samsara

Since the day Maria has entered Subbi’s life, Guru has been missing, which I am sure you know if you are following the show. Apart from this Maria tried to make Subbi’s life hell too but Arun stood by her for the most of it. Subbalakshmi and Arun have gone through a lot since Maria’s evil plans came into the picture. From Subbi going to jail to Arun getting shot, things don’t seem to be going well for both of them. Plus, Arun’s mother hating Subbalakshmi is not helping their situation either. But through all this Subbalakshmi hopes every day for her husband’s return and at the same time has learnt to start ignoring Charu and Indira’s taunts.

For your visual entertainment with some reading accompanied with it, here are the highpoints of Subbalakshmi Samsara last week, through a pictorial representation below. To get started keep scrolling.

1. Charu and Indira taunt Subbalakshmi, who gives them back a crisp reply

A Still Of Indira, Charu And Subbalakshmi
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2. When Subbi makes them face the truth, Charu tries to slap her, but in vain

Charu Tries To Slap Subbi
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3. Subbalakshmi’s counter move is too much for Charu, who begs the former to release her hand

Subbi Counters Charu With Her Own Move
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4. Ramachandra uncle pays a visit to Arun’s house to meet him and Subbi

A Still Of Ramachandra
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5. Subbi tells him all about Arun’s mishap and prays that her boss gets well soon

A Still Of Subbi Praying For Arun Sir
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6. Charu and Indira offer medicines to Arun nicely

A Still Of Indira, Charu And Arun
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7. Arun gets irritated when Indira throws a taunt at him for refusing to take the medicines

A Still Of Arun Prasad
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8. Just then Subbi and Ramachandra uncle walk into Arun’s room

A Still Of Ramachandra And Subbalakshmi
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9. Subbalakshmi informs Vinod that she knows about his misdoings with the company’s accounts and asks him to come home with a few people for a meeting.

A Still Of Subbalakshmi
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10. During the meeting, Subbalakshmi gets a call from Keshavmurthy, her father-in-law

A Still Of Keshavmurthy
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11. He and Kaushalya then complain that Guru has forgotten about them, causing Subbi to feel sad

A Worried Still Of Kaushalya And Keshavmurthy
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12. Charu accuses Subbi of hurting Arun’s mother, much to her astonishment

An Angry Still Of Charu
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13. When Subbalakshmi feels guilty for going against Arun’s mother, he consoles her

A Still Of Subbalakshmi And Arun Prasad
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14. Poornachandra, Bharti and Ramachandra discuss how to prove Subbalakshmi’s innocence

A Still Of Poornachandra, Bharti And Ramachandra
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15. Poornachandra then suggests that it is possible that Guru himself staged his own abduction

A Still Of Poornachandra
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Did Guru actually do such a thing? Watch the show Subbalakshmi Samsara and stay tuned to find out.

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