Shivani From Naagini 2 Is The Ultimate Fighter For Her Lover – Here’s Why!

Shivani can go to any lengths to avenge her lover's death. Read on to find out what makes her so courageous

Naagini 2: What Makes Shivani, The Protagonist, The Attractive Woman That She Is

Shivani from Naagini 2 is now on the journey of seeking vengeance for her lover Adisesha. However, not only is she an ideal partner to him, she is also the ultimate fighter for her lover! Here’s why.

Shivani is in love with Adisesha. Within hours of uniting with her lover, a bunch of men kill him with the intention of obtaining the naagamani. Although they do not get much time to spend together, Shivani makes an instant connection with him and is there with him until his last breath.

Shivani shows utmost care for her lover Adisesha who dies in a battle with a number of men who try to get the naagamani.

Shivani decides to go down on earth and seek vengeance for her lover’s death. With the help of the Guruji, she takes the form of a small girl and goes into the house of Trishul and Trivikrama to kill the man who killed Adisesha.

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She not only goes down to earth to seek vengeance for Adisesha’s death but also goes in search of the naagamani which is what keeps Adisesha’s family and all the other snake families alive. If the naagamani is destroyed, all those who are part of the snake world, will die.

With a lot of perseverance, Shivani goes in search of the killer of Adisesha as well as Adisesha himself, who has taken the form of a 9- year- old boy. When she seeks the help of the Guruji, he directs her towards Trishul and Trivikrama’s house to tell her that she must find out which of the two is Adisesha. She now tries to discover which of them is her lover.

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