Shaambhawi, Who Plays A Vamp In Paaru, Is A Real-Life Fashion Icon

Shaambhawi, aka Disha of Paaru, loves accessories and experimenting with hairstyles. Here's a look at her fashion diary

1. A Chic outfit for evenings

A Still Of Shaambhawi Venkatesh
Source: Instagram

Popular for her role of Mandakini on the hit show Nigooda Raatri, tables turned for Shaambhawi Venkatesh shortly after the show ended. She is now known as Preethu’s to-be wife, Disha, future daughter-in-law of Arasane Koteya Akhilandeshwari on the show Paaru. While browsing through her social media profiles, we recently came across her fashionista side. Shaambhawi is crazy for accessories and hairstyles. Take a look at this image, for example.

2. Traditional but with a twist

Shaambhawi Aka Disha In A Traditional Off-Shoulder Outfit
Source: Instagram

Negative characters suit her onscreen personality because she brings the right emotions for viewers at the right time. In real life, however, Shaambhawi is a darling and is loved by all her peers.

3. Nothing can go wrong when Akhila aunty poses with you right?

Shaambhawi Venkatesh And Vinaya Prasad Pose For A Still In Between Takes
Source: Instagram

Namma Arasane Koteya Akhilandeshwari with her favourite onscreen person gets a smiling picture clicked. Btw, Akhila smiles at only a few people so this is big for Disha!

4. The corporate flare

Shaambhawi Refreshing Corporate Look Might Give You Some Ideas Of Your Own
Source: Instagram

Whether it is a broach or an extended set of earrings, if it is different Shaambhawi owns it! If you are looking for some fashion inspiration, take a look the variety she has going on in her wardrobe.

5. Shooing away all the blues

Namma Disha Decked Up In All-Blue
Source: Instagram

All these accessories that are worn by Shaambhawi, suit well with different outfit combinations. Plus, nothing can ever go wrong with wearing anything blue right?

6. An event-worthy outfit

Shaambhawi's Sizzling Outfit Will Give You Red Carpet Goals
Source: Instagram

The lesson to take away from this Paaru actress is that with simple accessories, any attire can be amplified. Even this red carpet worthy outfit!

7. A pink outfit works just fine

A Still Of Shaambhawi In A Traditional Saree And It Is A Lovely Pink
Source: Instagram

Henceforth, you can also take inspiration from her character, Disha on the show. Because every time she is onscreen, she sports different looks that are classy enough to be worn by anyone.

8. Amidst nature, settle with extremes

Shaambhawi Poses For A Still In Nature
Source: Instagram

A stunning combination of half-palazzos and a black top suits Shaambhawi really well. With nature as her backdrop, her overall persona shines brightly.

Which outfit of this adorable actress did you find best? We are eagerly awaiting your response in the space below.

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