Sarthak From Gattimela Is An Ideal Husband To Adya And Here’s Why!

Ever thought of what an ideal husband is? Sarthak from Gattimela will tell you about it

Source: ZEE5

Sarthak from Gattimela is not only handsome and a total chocolate boy but is also an ideal life partner. He is humble and gentle and is one of the most well-designed character as a husband to Adya. Here are some of his qualities that make him the perfect life partner you need.


Sarthak gives Adya the affection she deserves as his wife. He’s sweet and romantic to her no matter what the situation. He is also affectionate to her family and treats them like his own. He also goes to an extent of supporting Amulya who is Vedanth’s potential love interest.


Sarthak is independent and so is Adya. In a relationship, it is quintessential that both partners are independent while being together.

Source: ZEE5
Source: ZEE5


He is reliable, has initiative, and knows how to guide and lead his family to the right path. On multiple occasions, he tries to guide Sarika on to the right path and try to make her a better person. He is also a good role model to his family.


Sarthak is absolutely in love with Adya and is loyal to her. He does not talk about other women and is always true to Adya being there for her at every point since they got married and before.


Sarthak and Adya have a lot of trust between them. They are more like friends in their relationship and the two share everything between them.

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