Sandalwood Stars Share Their Favourite Food During The Lockdown

As we try to chase away the lockdown blues, actors of the Sandalwood industry tell us what they love to eat.


While a lot of Kannada films were set to hit the screens in 2020, the lockdown due to COVID-19 has stalled many of these films’ release and it is anticipated that movies will not be released in theatres for the next six weeks at least.

However, the lockdown has helped actors identify and cook their favourite food without really dieting like they always do. Now, not only are these stars exploring other healthy food options but also making some really tasty dishes themselves!

Puneeth, who is a big foodie, is particularly fond of non-vegetarian dishes and mutton biryani is his favourite. As for our challenging star Darshan, he seems to be a lover of gravy dishes especially those comprising mutton. Speaking of which, Yash is a total food-lover mainly when it comes to Indian food but having said that, he has always been a strict follower of his diet.  

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