Melkote Manja Review: 5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Miss This Movie On ZEE5

Kannada movies like this one, starring Jaggesh and Aindrita Ray, is exactly what you need to unwind after a hectic work day.

Time for round two of Melkote Manja!

Set in the scenic town of Melkote in Karnataka, Melkote Manja has the perfect mix of humour and drama. The lead roles are played by Aindrita Ray and Namma Karnatakada Navrasa Nayaka, Jaggesh, who has also written and directed the movie.

Watch Melkote Manja here to soothe your stress muscles:

Despite the delay in the release of the film, it was absolutely worth the wait. We are happy to inform you that both the lead actors have done complete justice to their character’s in Melkote Manja. While Jaggesh plays the role of a conman called Manja, Aindrita has played a de-glam character of Parvathi. The movie is the perfect mix of humour, drama and some hints of action.

If you are thinking of re-watching the film, these five reasons will give you a boost.

1. A crisp dialogue delivery

Manja In A Still From The Song India Deshave
Manja In Still From The Film

Throughout the movie, Jaggesh, who plays the character of Melkote Manja speaks in simple but funny dialogues. Not to forget he has the funniest thoughts running on his mind from the beginning to the end.

2. Music 

A Still From The Song Lifey Subjectu In Melkote Manja
A Still From The Song Lifey Subjectu In Melkote Manja

You will be amazed to know that Jaggesh has also provided the lyrics for two songs in the movie! He, along with lyricists Ram Narayan and Yogaraj Bhat have brought a collection of good songs to the table. Another jaw-dropping fact is that popular actor Puneeth Rajkumar has sung the song called Lifey Subjectu in the movie.

3. The family angle

Despite his bad habits, Manja’s parents are the only two people who save him from any harm. Parents play a vital role in our lives. Always respect them and never give them a chance to be embarrassed because of you.

4. Humorous take 

Rangayana Raghu And Jaggesh In Melkote Manja
Source: Youtube

Generally, money lenders like Melkote Linga (played by Rangayana Raghu) aren’t so kind and patient with people they lend money to. My favourite part in the Melkote Manja was the way Manja evaded his money lenders every single time with some hilariously sad story. Furthermore, the movie brings out a humorous side of money lenders as well as Manja and it is remarkable.

5. Storyline

The movie has a good storyline in terms of being relatable. There is a hero, a heroine and a terrifying villain. The beginning would totally misguide you into thinking that it is an action film. Okay, I have said enough!

Time for you to go and watch this complete family entertainment movie with your favourite people. You are guaranteed to laugh and stay glued all the way until the end.

Which was your favourite reason to love the movie?  Write in your comments in the section below with #MelkoteManja.

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