Read This If You Too Are In A Love-Hate Relationship Like Amulya-Vedanth Of Gattimela

You have to admit that there cannot be a better couple like Amulya-Vedanth of Gattimela, only because of their small spats and adorable quarrels!

A Still Of Amulya Manjunath Tending To Vedanth's Head-Wound

Any couple, like Amulya and Vedanth from Gattimela, who share a love-hate relationship, honestly will last longer than others. Why you may ask? Well, it’s okay because extremely happy couples are almost like too good to be true while all the time-fighting couples have lost the love along the way. So with equal amounts of love and hate, Amulya and Vedanth balance their relationship well. Even though they aren’t officially together yet, but the feelings from both sides have started already and you know it.

Keeping these two adorable characters (Amulya and Vedanth) in mind, we decided to make a list of relatable things that you might feel or encounter if you are in such a relationship.

1. Anything the other does is wrong

2. If your partner is in trouble, you go out of your way to help

3. Allowing them to pass out or faint on your shoulders even though physical proximity is still an issue

4. When your partner’s mood changes, your mood changes too

5. They indirectly support your family and side with them on many occasions when it is ‘You vs Your Family’

6. You have a set of names for your partner and anyone else calling them that irks you

7. No matter where you go they are always around

Well, there are thesis we can do on such a unique type of a relationship like Amulya and Vedanth but we just wanted to cover the basics situations that you too might have faced if you are in such a kind of a relationship.

Did we miss out on any point? Share with us your thoughts now, in the space provided below.

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