Radha Kalyana 9 August 2019 Episode Written Update: Krishna’s Tough Challenge For Radha

On tonight's episode, Krishna promises to throw Radha out of her job with a valid excuse in fourteen days. Will Radha let him succeed?

An Amazed Still Of Shri Krishna

In the previous episode of Radha Kalyana, much to Kaushalya’s surprise, Radha asks to meet Krishna once before coming to work from tomorrow. However, her decision proves to be ghastly. Already enraged, Krishna goes on an insulting spree after seeing her in his room and promises to ruin her life if she continues this job. Even though he offers her a blank cheque she rejects it. At home, Radha gets slapped by Kanthamma again for disobeying her the previous day. Later, while Radha wonders how best to prepare for her first day at work, Krishna vents his frustration to Aparna Devi and informs her that he’ll also see how his so-called ‘secretary’ survives for long.

On tonight’s episode, Radha is shocked to see the list Kanthamma hands over to her just as she is leaving for work. At the Gokula mansion, as everyone is getting ready for a pooja, Aparna Devi asks Kaushalya if she is sure about Radha as Krishna’s secretary. Assuring her that everything will go alright, Kaushalya asks for the pooja to begin. In the end, a flower from the Varamahalakshmi idol falls now and Kaushalya is delighted. Soon, Radha arrives there and an excited Kaushalya insists that she do the aarthi of this specific pooja. While Aparna Devi and Nakshatra stand in disgust, Radha successfully completes the pooja.

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An innocent Radha then asks Kaushalya if she can take the aarthi to Krishna as well. In his room, Radha is embarrassed to find him exercising in his bare minimums and turns around like spring before offering him the pooja. A few moments later, Krishna is shocked when she hands him a crumpled piece of paper in which he made her write his schedule before tearing it off. Surprised that she has fixed it, he sets out another task for her. Despite the aarthi fire running on the last piece of camphor, he says that until he goes for a bath and comes out, the fire should keep going on the aarthi vessel.

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Nakshatra tries to foil Radha’s plan but fails in her attempt. When Krish comes back out of the washroom and sees Radha’s smart move (she uses a cotton wick and coconut oil from the medical kit kept in Krishna’s room to complete the task) and is not so impressed. Finally, he comes out with his last challenge; in 14 days he will ensure that she is kicked out from this job. Radha accepts much to Krishna’s dislike and leaves his room. Downstairs, Kaushalya clears all of Aparna Devi’s doubts when Radha confirms that Krishna actually accepted the aarthi. In the end, Radha leaves with Krishna on a superbike for his daily activities, with much hesitation.

Will Krishna harm Radha? What will happen now? Stay tuned to Monday’s update to find out.

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