Radha Kalyana 6 August 2019 Episode Written Update: Kaushalya Offers Radha A Job

In tonight’s episode, even though Radha stands with Nisha in the beginning, upon realising that she is a fraud, the former exposes her!

A Still Of Kaushalya

In the previous episode of Radha Kalyana, Kaushalya isn’t ready to believe that Nisha and Shri Krishna are married. Even though Nisha tries to protest, Aparna Devi gets aggressive with her and asks her to leave. To get help, Nisha goes to Radha’s house. After telling the whole problem to her, Radha promises to help Nisha. Kanthamma, who is greedy for money, tries to loot Nisha of some cash in exchange for the help from Radha but is surprisingly stopped by Prasad, who doesn’t take no for an answer from her. Later, at the Gokula mansion, Nisha enters with full confidence and presents her witness.

On tonight’s episode, Radha enters the Gokula Mansion with Nisha, causing Kaushalya and Aparna to get shocked. When Radha confirms that she saw Aparna at the resort with Krishna the previous day, Aparna calls her to another room. There, Aparna informs Radha that she doesn’t know people like Nisha who are fraudsters. Finally, she comes to the point and offers rupees twenty-five lakhs to Radha to take back her statement about Krish. As she is rejecting the money, they both her some ladies shouting outside and go to take a look. By this time, Krishna wakes up from his hangover. As Radha is telling the ladies that she saw Nisha and Krishna go to a bedroom together, the latter screams at her from the top.

An Exclusive Still Of An Angry Shri Krishna
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After coming down, not only does he scream at Radha, but he also informs everyone that he can do whatever he wants with his life. Upon realising that there is no point trying to explain what she saw to these people, so she apologises and makes a move. As she is reaching the door she overhears Nisha claiming that they got married two days back and stops in her tracks. She then checks something on her phone and returns to where everyone is. Radha doesn’t think twice before slapping Nisha when she continues to lie about her marriage to Krishna. Finally, the truth of Nisha being a fraud is exposed. While Kaushalya thanks Radha for saving her family, Shri Krishna asks her to get out.

An Angry Still Of Kaushalya
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Kaushalya handles the situation by asking Aparna to ask Krish to calm down and then asks Radha is she will be her son’s secretary. Radha, however, politely denies the offer and leaves much to Kaushalya’s heart-break. Later at home, Kanthamma and Likitha wait impatiently for Radha. When she returns Kanthamma starts off with her usual taunts and is later surprised to hear that Krishna was never the culprit. Upon learning that not only did Radha reject the 25 lakhs offered by Aparna but she also rejected the job that was offered to her, Kanthamma gets furious and worries how the family will clear the loan taken from the goon.

Will Radha take up the job? Will Krishna allow her to be his secretary? Stay tuned to find out.

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