Radha Kalyana 23 July 2019 Episode Written Update: Krishna Leaves Radha With No Choice

In this episode, Kanthamma punishes Radha by taking her savings and goes to enrol Likitha in Anand's firm. Radha is later forced to work for Krishna!

A Still Of Radha And Shri Krishna

In the previous episode of Radha Kalyana, Aparna Devi somehow saves Shri Krishna, who is in a drunk state, from his mother’s wrath. The next day, in a dare with his friends, Radha becomes the bait and Krishna is asked to take her out on a date. When she rejects him, he promises that by the next evening, she will be by his side. Elsewhere, Radha who returns home from work finds a poor lady with her son begging for any kind of food. Even though Kanthamma tells her not to help them, her good nature drives her to give them whatever food is leftover. This angers her step-grandmother, who promises that punishment is awaiting her.

On tonight’s episode, Kanthamma decides to punish Radha by taking away the money she had saved for her mother’s treatment. Tulasi and Prasad find Radha crying inconsolably, shortly after Kanthamma leaves. However, they are proud to see that their daughter believes that her Lord Rama will find a way for them. To Radha’s surprise, Nandini calls her about a big client order and informs her that the car to go the location, as well as the advance, is on the way to her house. Both Tulasi and Prasad are in tears when Radha gives them all the advance.

An Irate Still Of Radha
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Half-way to the destination, the driver excuses himself for a bit as Radha calls her mother to speak to her about this order. Soon, a shocked Radha finds Shri Krishna at the driver’s seat and realises that all of this is his doing. When she disagrees to take up this project he conveniently asks for the advance back. After much contemplation, she agrees to tag along with him. Elsewhere, Anand is stunned to know that only ladies have come for the position of Shri Krishna’s secretary. By this time, Kanthamma and Likitha arrive at the Gokula office and the latter shoos away all the candidates in an attempt to get her granddaughter that position.

A Still Of Krishna's Younger Brother Anand
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Soon, Anand calls up Krishna to tell him about the interview for his secretary’s post. Krishna surprisingly asks him to cancel the interview as he has already selected someone for the post of his secretary, much to Anand’s irritation. When his assistant goes and informs everyone that position has been filled Kanthamma assumes that he is talking about Likitha. She gets furious when he tells her that Likitha isn’t the one who has been selected and screams at him till he gets a heart attack. In the end, Krishna takes Radha on a speedy ride.

Who is Krishna thinking about for the position of his secretary? Will Kanthamma succeed in getting Likitha into Anand’s company? Stay tuned to know.