Radha Kalyana 22 July 2019 Episode Written Update: Kanthamma Slaps Radha For Disobedience

In this episode, Krishna is given a dare to date Radha due to unavoidable circumstances but she rejects him. Later, Kanthamma teaches Radha a lesson!

An Angry Still Of Kathraguppe Kanthamma

In the previous episode of Radha Kalyana, Radha goes to a pub to demand an explanation from Krishna for snatching away her bouquet earlier. Forget an apology, Krishna insults Radha by throwing money on her face. Elsewhere, Kaushalya, who initially talks to Krishna’s PA Nisha nicely, later slaps her hard and accuses her of stealing 12 lakhs from Krishna on the account of her ailing mother. Aparna Devi is shocked too when Kaushalya discloses that while applying for the post, Nisha had mentioned that both her parents are deceased. In the end, Kaushalya decides to get Krishna married.

On tonight’s episode, Kaushalya gets agitated looking at Krishna’s drunk state yet again. When Aparna Devi asks her for a way to fix her grandson, Kaushalya suggests getting him a secretary who can actually change all his bad habits. The next day, Radha is out looking at a prospective client’s location, the same place where Krishna is hanging out with his friends. In a dare, it so happens that he is supposed to take Radha on a date. As he approaches her with a different excuse, she shows disgust in talking to him and walks away.

An Irate Still Of Krishna
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Krishna then promises his friends that by tomorrow night, he will do exactly what he said. At home, Prasad scolds Likitha for whiling away time instead of helping Tulasi in the kitchen. To this Kathraguppe Kanthamma raises an issue and scolds her son for scolding her darling of a grand-daughter. Later, at night, a poor lady comes to the gate of Kanthamma’s house begging for some food. Annoyed by the child crying so loudly, she asks Tulasi if some of her relatives have come to the door. When Radha arrives at home, she even takes a plate of food to give them but is rewarded with a slap by Kanthamma instead, who doesn’t let her leave.

A Still Of Krishna Talking To The AI Device
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While Krishna talks to the AI device in his house about the kind of girl he wants to date, Radha sneaks outside her house after everyone sleeps and gives some food to the poverty-driven lady sitting a distance away from the gate. The lady blesses her with all her heart as Radha agrees to take care of the baby while she is eating. Upon returning home, Kanthamma catches Radha red-handed and beats her again. She then tells her that punishment is awaiting her tomorrow for her disobedience. The next morning, as Radha is taking money out of her bag for her mother’s treatment, Kanthamma snatches it away from her hand.

How will Radha get her mother treated now? Who will be Krishna’s next PA? Stay tuned to the next update to find out.