Radha Kalyana 22 August 2019 Episode Written Update: Krishna’s Shocking Task For Radha

On tonight's episode, Krishna puts Radha in a difficult situation twice. One, at the traffic police station and the other in the evening!

An Angry Still Of Krishna

Previously on Radha Kalyana, an enraged Krishna looks everywhere for Radha including her house and flower shop. Finally, after finding her with her dance students, he asks her to accompany him immediately. Then he takes her to a playground and asks her to learn driving a car within the hour if she wants to retain the job. While doing so, Radha gets the shocking news that Prasad had a mild heart attack from Tulasi, who asks her daughter not to worry as everything is in control. In the end, Krishna makes a shocking request from Radha.

On tonight’s episode, Krishna asks Radha to promise on her Rama that the next place that he takes her to, she has to ensure he is not embarrassed. Without much of a choice, Radha makes the promise. A while later, Radha is shocked when Krishna makes her drive to the police station. Once there, Krishna informs the inspector that Radha was lying about not knowing how to drive. When the inspector tries to confirm this, Radha keeps mum.

A Still Of Krishna And The Traffic Inspector
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Shri Krishna then makes multiple attempts to get her to agree that she already knew driving but Radha just isn’t able to say lies. Luckily for her, Krishna’s lawyer comes out of the station and gives the inspector a form with all the formalities for his boss’s car. Heaving a sigh of relief, Radha leaves with her boss from there soon afterwards. On their way, Radha gets a call about an event related to the Goddess Sita and gets excited.

A Sad Still Of Radha
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However, to help with the program Radha asks the concerned person to give her some time to take permission from her boss. When she tries to take permission from Krishna, however, he outright denies the idea and tells her that she isn’t getting paid to go attend religious functions. He then makes some party plans with his friends and informs Radha that he’ll drop her at the gate and she can wait there for him.

A Still Of Krishna And Radha
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An innocent Radha speaks too soon when she tells Krishna that she will wait for him anywhere he asks her to. Meanwhile, the story of how Sita got kidnapped by Ravana starts at the said location. Krishna uses Radha’s own words and drops her off a secluded location. He then draws a circle around her and asks her not to step out of it till she comes back. A worried Radha, calls him back but Krishna just goes off. As the Sita’s story keeps progressing on one side, Vajramuni goes to Radha’s location dressed as a beggar.

Will Radha cross the ‘Lakshman Rekha’ Krishna has drawn for her? What is Vajramuni’s real intention? Stay tuned to tomorrow’s episode to find out.

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