Radha Kalyana 21 August 2019 Episode Written Update: Prasad Gets A Mild-Heart Attack

On tonight's episode, after realising that his end-time is near, Prasad gives Tulasi an important piece of news. Elsewhere, Krishna tortures Radha!

An Emotional Still Of Tulasi And Prasad

In the previous episode of Radha Kalyana, while Kaushalya worries if Radha has reached home safely, Kanthamma punishes Radha for coming home late by giving away her dinner to stray dogs. The next day, Krishna is furious when Anand wakes him up to attend a call from the court regarding his counselling. Elsewhere, Radha is heartbroken to learn that the gift given to her by Kaushalya is actually worn by Likitha. Later, after warning Anand to stay away from Radha, Vajramuni finds out that Kanthamma hasn’t been as honest with him as she claims. In the end, an irate Krishna barges into Radha’s house.

On tonight’s episode, Krishna gets angry when he finds out that Radha is not at home from Tulasi and goes to fetch her at the flower shop. However, when he calls Radha’s business partner to ask about her, she informs him that his secretary has already left for her dance class to the temple. Meanwhile, Likitha returns home crying incessantly causing Kanthamma to worry. Upon probing into the matter, Kanthamma is shocked when Likitha blames her for her situation. Somehow, with sugar-coated words, Kanthamma finally is able to cheer her darling granddaughter up.

A Still Of Likitha And Kanthamma
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Suddenly, they hear Tulasi screaming for her husband and rush outside. Both Likitha and Kanthamma are taken aback when they see Prasad lying down unconscious. Elsewhere, an irate Krishna stops Radha right in the middle of the road as she is taking the kids for the dance class. He is in disbelief when the girls reveal all the pet names Radha calls him by and scolds her. Without a warning or intimation, he asks Radha to get into the car and takes her to an open playground.

Tulasi Gets Worried When Prasad's Colleague Tells Her About His Heart-Attack
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Back at home, Prasad’s colleague who brought him informs Kanthamma, Likitha and Tulasi about the mild heart-attack that he faced. While Kanthamma blames everything on Tulasi, Prasad later informs her that since he has understood that anything can happen to him at any time, he has removed his mother’s name from his insurance nomination and added Radha’s name. The husband-wife then share an emotional moment with each other regarding the uncertain future. Meanwhile, after much scolding, Krishna asks her to learn driving within the next hour if she wants to keep her job.

A Crying Still Of Radha
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A helpless Radha gets into the car is praying to God when she gets a call from Tulasi about Prasad’s health. She starts crying even more, which makes Krishna mad with rage. To avoid any more trouble with her boss, Radha recollects the ‘A B C’ (accelerator, brake, clutch) method Krishna told her before and successfully shows him that she can drive. Once again Krishna is left speechless and wonders if there is anything that she can’t do. In the end, Krishna asks Radha to promise that the next place he is going to take her, she has to ensure his reputation doesn’t get spoilt at any cost.

Will Radha keep the promise? Which place does Krishna plan to take Radha now? You’ll know only when you stay tuned.

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