Radha Kalyana 20 August 2019 Episode Written Update: Radha Is Punished By Kanthamma

On tonight's episode, Krishna gets into trouble by the police and blames everything on Radha. Elsewhere, Vajramuni warns Anand to stay away from Radha

A Still Of Radha And Kanthamma

In the previous episode of Radha Kalyana, Krishna constantly taunts Radha as they find themselves walking back home on foot in the middle of the night. Luckily for Krishna, Radha suggests using a vegetable cart lying nearby to push him to a certain distance. After pushing him for miles, Radha gets tired and looks for a lift around. Finally, she and a reluctant Krishna hitch a ride with a group of labourers. While Kanthamma impatiently waits for Radha at home promising to punish her for being so late, Kaushalya, on the other hand, gets worried if Radha has reached home safe.

On tonight’s episode, Kaushalya gets worried about Radha after a drunk Krishna comes back home without having checked if she has reached home safely. While she asks Anand to check if Radha has reached, Kanthamma throws away her step-granddaughter’s food to the dogs as a punishment for coming home late. The next day, Krishna is woken up by a worried Anand, who informs him that it’s the police.

A Still Of Shri Krishna
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Upon learning that there is counselling for him to attend in the court, a furious Krishna goes to Aparna and complains about Radha indirectly to his mother. Back at home, Radha is worried when the necklace given by Kaushalya goes missing. When Prasad finds it on Likitha’s neck, he scolds her but is interrupted by Kanthamma, who makes a big issue out of it. Radha is helpless and eventually let’s go of the necklace. This angers Prasad, who asks Radha not to give in to such people his like mother and daughter.

A Still Of Vajramuni And Anand
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Later at the temple, Vajramuni finds Anand and warns him to stay away from his true love Radha. After a while, he spots Likitha (who is busy watching Anand) from behind and assumes that Radha finally wore his gift. He gets irate to find out that it is Likitha and Kanthamma is the one who gave her the dress. Elsewhere, an irate Krishna barges into Radha’s house and calls out to her.

Will he find her in time? What is Krishna going to do to Radha? Stay tuned to the next update to find out.

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