Radha Kalyana 19 July 2019 Episode Written Update: Krishna Insults Radha By Offering Money

On tonight's episode, Radha fails to get justice from Krishna for stealing her bouquet, while Kanthamma misinterprets Anand for a miscreant!

A Still Of Shri Krishna And His Girl Pastime

In the previous episode of Radha Kalyana, upon finding the kitchen locked when Radha opens it, she is shocked to find the room covered in smoke and finds Tulasi coughing uncontrollably. When no one comes to their aid, she rushes to the medical shop to buy an inhaler and brings it back to her. They then ask her about the Gokula foundation dance competition but she informs them that she has a big order, so the money she saves from that she will add to the fund for her mother’s medication.

On tonight’s episode, a furious Radha goes to the pub to find Krishna. After a few moments when she spots him, her temper rises when she recollects how he snatched away the bouquet from her hand earlier to give someone. He, on the other hand, gets tired of her constant bickering and throws money at her face. Elsewhere, Anand, who finds children at the Gokula auditorium playing with water balloons gets interested to play with them. At the same time, Likitha and Kanthamma find Anand’s car outside and start obsessing over it. When his assistant comes to call Anand, he accidentally throws the water balloon on Likitha. This causes Kanthamma to get furious with Anand. She unknowingly scolds him and then takes her granddaughter for her performance inside.

A Still Of Radha In Tears
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Back at the pub, when Radha tries to reason out with Krishna about mistreating money, she is one who ends up getting gravely insulted by him. At the Gokula auditorium, the dance performances begin and Likitha goes to get ready. Her grandmother promises to teach the ‘water balloon’ guy a lesson and spot him in the audience during Likitha’s performance. At home, Kaushalya pretends to know nothing about the twelve lakhs that was transferred to Krishna’s assistant, Nisha’s account. Aparna Devi soon gets into the conversation and demands an explanation from Nisha. Just then Krishna comes there and accepts that he is the one who sent her the money because her mother was ill. However, after he leaves for his room when Nisha bends down to take the glass of juice, she gets a tight slap from Kaushalya.

A Still Of When Kaushalya Accuses Nisha Of Theft
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Upon asking why such treatment, Kaushalya reminds Nisha that when she signed up for the job she had mentioned that her parents are no more. Listening to this Aparna then fires her on the spot. At the auditorium, Anand makes a decision to leave at the earliest from fear of getting beaten up by Kanthamma. Before leaving though he is asked to say a few words on stage. After realising who he is, Kanthamma and Likitha curse their luck for getting angry with the ‘water balloon’ who could have been a prospective groom for the latter. In the end, while Radha recollects what happened with her at the pub, Aparna consoles Kaushalya and asks her to forget about Nisha’s matter. When Shri Krishna again returns home extremely drunk, Kaushalya informs Aparna that the only way to fix him is marriage.

Will Krishna agree? How will Radha change him? Keep watching the show to find out.

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