Radha Kalyana 19 August 2019 Episode Written Update: Radha Wipes Shri Krishna’s Face

On tonight's episode of Radha Kalyana, Radha and Krishna spend most of their evening on the empty roads. They share their first intimate moment too!

When Radha Wipes Krishna's Face

In the previous episode of Radha Kalyana, despite Krishna’s efforts, Radha reaches him on time thus completing her challenge successfully. He then takes her to the pub and then gets her into trouble with the bouncers of the hotel. Not only this, when he is drunk later, he drives irresponsibly while returning home. Upon seeing the traffic police in the front when he asks Radha to drive, she messes up big time causing the cops to think that something is going on between them. When they ask a drunk Krishna if Radha is his wife, to escape jail time he agrees. In the end, the police seize his car for putting his wife’s life in danger.

On tonight’s episode, Shri Krishna continuously blames Radha for his condition as they walk on an empty path back home. Upon realising that he left his phone in the car, Krishna asks for Radha’s phone to book a cab. However, when the phone is switched off he again taunts her and starts walking. After walking for a really long time when Krishna finally sits down in fatigue, Radha indirectly asks him about his rough relationship with Kaushalya. This caused Krishna to get very angry and scold her.

Radha Is Delighted To See A Vegetable Cart Nearby
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To defuse the tension, Radha luckily spots a vegetable cart and asks her boss if he would be okay travelling on it. On their way home, Krishna enjoys the journey and for the first time takes a good look at the stars and is mesmerised. When Radha tells him that his loved ones who have passed away are stars now, he gets lost into deep thought. Upon snapping out of it, he dismisses her idea and calls it a joke. After pushing the cart for the while, Radha’s hands start hurting and she goes to ask for help.

A Still Of Radha And Krishna
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Krishna, who follows her is annoyed to take help from a group of workers who are returning home in a tractor. He continues to curse her on their way back. Elsewhere, Tulasi asks Prasad to go and sleep while she waits for Radha to return home. Kanthamma, who uses this opportunity to insult Tulasi not only slaps her but demeans her daughter in front of Prasad. On the tractor, as Radha is playing with a baby, the woman next to her compliments her for taking such good care of the baby.

Krishna Is Startled When Radha Wipes His Face
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When she taunts Krishna’s ‘baby-taking-care’ skills, he purposefully takes the child in his lap. As he is trying to play with the baby, he pees on Krishna’s face, much to his chagrin. They both share a moment when Radha uses her half-saree to wipe off his face. Finally, Radha gets off from the tractor leaving Krishna alone to go on home. In the end, Kaushalya and Krishna have a fight about the trouble he has put Radha through.

Will Kanthamma punish Radha again? What is Kaushalya going to do to ensure Radha’s safety? You’ll know only when you stay tuned to the next episode.

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