Radha Kalyana 14 August 2019 Episode Written Update: Radha Fails In Waking Up Krishna

On tonight's episode, Kanthamma teaches Radha a lesson for returning home with Likitha's Anand. The next day, Radha has difficulty waking her boss up!

A Still Of Radha And Krishna

In the previous episode of Radha Kalyana, Kaushalya is angry when Krishna comes home and announces that Radha has left the job. However, when Anand brings Radha back home, Kaushalya is delighted while Krishna’s mood changes. His mother is then shocked to see Radha’s toe bleeding and provides medical aid to her. While leaving Radha goes to Krishna’s room to take permission and is shocked to see the entire room in a mess. He then screams at her for entering his room without permission and promises to find a valid reason to kick her out soon. In the end, Kanthamma and Likitha who are waiting for Radha at home, spot Anand dropping her back and get furious.

On tonight’s episode, Likitha continues to accuse Radha of having affairs until the point of no return. Radha raises her hand to slap Likitha but Kanthamma intervenes and slaps Radha for attempting to slap her granddaughter. Not only this, she then stamps the injured toe of Radha and presses it hard to punish her even more. Tulasi and Prasad come in soon and beg Kanthamma to stop. At the Gokula home, Anand goes to Krishna to apologise and is forgiven shortly after. Likitha attempts to call Anand and threatens him that her dead body will be waiting at his gate with suicide note tomorrow morning.

A Still Of Anand And Shri Krishna
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Krishna then tries to comfort a shocked Anand in his own way. The next day, as Radha is about to leave for work, she is stopped by Vajramuni, who brings her gift for her. Disgusted, she walks away just as Kanthamma walks out of her room and spots him. To give Radha the gift he got Kanthamma makes him pay thirty thousand rupees. Not only does she keep all the money but gives Vajramuni’s gift to Likitha saying that she bought it for her. In a soliloquy, Kanthamma later tells Radha that all the gifts sent by Vajramuni will henceforth be redirected to Likitha.

A Still Of Radha, Kaushalya And Anand
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By this time Radha reaches the Gokula mansion and Kaushalya is happy to see her. She then gives Radha the cheque book of Shri Krishna’s main account and asks her to take care of his transactions henceforth. Radha thanks her for the faith and goes to Krishna’s room to find him asleep. After thinking of two to three ways of waking him Radha finally uses his cellphone ringing as the excuse and tries waking him but fails. He assumes her to be some other girl and talks romantically. Just as Radha is about to leave his room, she hears him call her name.

Did Krishna recognise Radha in his sleep too? How is she going to wake him? Stay tuned for the next update to find out.

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