Radha Kalyana 12 August 2019 Episode Written Update: Radha Has A Terrible 1st Day At Work

In tonight's episode, Radha goes on the fastest bike ride of her life, thanks to her boss Shri Krishna. In the process, she hurts herself too!

When Shri Krishna Leaves Radha Stranded On The Road

In the previous episode of Radha Kalyana, Kaushalya is delighted when Radha enters just as the Varamahalakshmi pooja is about to begin. Much to Krishna’s annoyance, Radha goes to give the aarthi of the pooja. While he makes her do some extremely difficult tasks, finally he ends up taking the blessings of God. While Kaushalya is enthralled to know this, Nakshatra and Aparna Devi look startled at the feat Radha has achieved. Later, Radha begins working at Krishna’s secretary.

On tonight’s episode, Radha is shocked to see Krishna on a bike as opposed to a car. She tries to discuss their mode of transport with him but in vain. She finally sits on the bike and they Shri Krishna decides to show her hell. Elsewhere, the preparation for a bike race happens as a group of youngsters gather to see the race. After some practice, the bikers stop near Krishna’s friends who are sad that he still hasn’t got there for the race. Radha, on the other hand, freaks out when Krishna goes on very high speeds on the main road.

When Shri Krishna Leaves Radha Stranded On The Road
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He doesn’t care about the potholes or the fact that Radha dropped one of her slippers on the way. The race soon begins as one of Krishna’s friend spots him at a distance and is happy that they still have a chance after all. Radha is soon part of a race that she has no idea about. By the time she realises, Krishna wins the race and gets off the bike without putting the stand. Radha holds the bike for a long time and then with no help tries to park the bike. This results in a foot injury.

A Still Shri Krishna Celebrating His Victory With His Friends
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Krishna and his friends soon disperse for an after-party leaving poor Radha all alone. And who should find her as she is making her way? That’s correct, Vajramuni finds her and speaks to her but Radha refuses to recognise him at all. While Vajramuni is calling for an ambulance for Radha’s injury, she quickly makes an escape and is spotted by Anand. He offers to take her to the Gokula mansion after learning about what Krishna did. Vajramuni is late in catching Radha as she rides away with Anand.

A Jealous Still Of Vajramuni
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Jealous, Vajramuni asks his right-hand man to find out who this person who went with Radha is. He feels betrayed and calls Kanthamma to inform her exactly what happened. After giving him a few tips, Kanthamma asks Vajramuni to come home right away to discuss the plan further. Not only this, she promises Likitha to make Radha pay for taking a lift from Anand. At the Gokula house, Kaushalya is taken aback when Krishna tells his family that she drove Radha away.

Will Kaushalya punish Krishna? What punishment is awaiting Radha at home? Stay tuned to tomorrow’s episode to find out.

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