Qualities That Paaru Must Imbibe From Amulya Of Gattimela To Stand Up For Herself

Here are the 3 top things that Paaru must do in order to protect her self-respect and dignity in front of Damini


Parvathi from Paaru has always shown a lot of determination and willpower to do whatever it takes to bring her family together or even help Preethu or Akhila with any problems that they face. However, when it comes to herself, she always fails to fight for her self-respect especially whenDamini keeps ill-treating her.  Here are some qualities that she must imbibe from Amulya of Gattimela to stand up for herself.

Paaru Must Voice Her Opinion

Paaru must learn how to voice her opinion the way Amulya does. When Suhasini tells Amulya that she will help her find a life partner, Amulya clearly tells her not to do what her parents will do for her. Just like that, Paaru must stand up to Damini when she tries to pull off her nuptial chain to tell her that if she doesn’t want her to wear it, she will remove it herself.

She Should Tell Akhila The Truth

If Amulya was in Paaru’s place, she would have told Akhila that Damini takes up every opportunity to insult her and ill-treat her. She must also tell Akhila the truth of how Damini intentionally gave her spices to eat which she could not handle. Paaru, instead, decides to keep quiet while Damini takes up that opportunity to tell Akhila that Paaru is all about the drama.

Akhila thanks Paaru
Akhila gives Paaru the necklace

Like Amulya, She Should Fight Back

Amulya always puts up a fight which is also significant to show the triumph of good over evil. Be it Sahithya or Sarika, she has always fought back to protect herself and her dignity. When Sahithya tells her to stay away from Vedanth, she challenges her saying that she will do everything to get closer to Vedanth. The same way, Paaru must challenge Damini to tell her that she shares a very special relationship with Adi and nothing that she does can change the fact that the two are in love.

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