Prakash Belawadi Talks About Host Ramesh Aravind And His Experience On Weekend With Ramesh

"I didn't expect that I would get so emotional," Prakash Belawdi reveals in an exclusive chat with Zee Kannada.

A Smiling Still Of The Fourth Guest On Weekend With Ramesh Season 4, Prakash Belawadi

The fourth edition of Weekend With Ramesh has seen 4 guests until now! With host Ramesh Aravind being the enthu-cutlet that he always is, all guests have enjoyed their time thoroughly on the show. The first weekend saw Padma Vibhushan Veerendra Heggade on the red seat, followed by Raghavendra Rajkumar. The third episode saw one of the most beautiful actresses in the industry, Prema. The latest episode had the famous actor and activist Prakash Belawadi.

In a recent exclusive interview with us, we got a chance to learn about his experience as a guest on the hot seat. Raise your hand and scroll down if you want to know the amazing stuff this virtuoso said. When asked about his memorable moments on the show, Mr Belawadi started by acknowledging the fact that he was so overwhelmed to greet and interact with so many people at once.

Stating that it was a pleasant experience, the actor, activist and theatre personality said, “What I was not prepared for was three things, the thing is that so many people made time and actually turned up there or gave interviews, not only in India but even people abroad, that really took me by surprise. I was also completely taken aback at the depth of research and you know the meticulous detail they had gone into. I mean they researched about my school and all that, it’s just incredible that is you know, I don’t know how they got it. So ya that took me by surprise too.”

Prakash Belawadi And His Wife In A Still From Weekend With Ramesh Season 4
Source: ZEE5

He then mentioned how his sister came down from Mumbai and admitted that he did not expect her at all. In fact, he wasn’t even aware that his wife would tag along with him. “It’s only after she dressed up and started coming out with me is when I knew, because I don’t watch any shows you know, I am not a TV person that much, so I was taken aback,” claimed the actor.

Now coming to the host Ramesh Aravind, Prakash Belawadi had nothing but praises for his friend. Since they know each other from a very long time, Mr Belawadi had decided to act all cool and witty and at par with Ramesh, but here’s what actually happened. “Actually, it’s so much focus on me with so many people like giving inputs, talking about memories from my childhood, college and you know through my adult years. I didn’t expect that I would get emotional, I mean that is something that completely took me by surprise. I was not in control of this show (chuckles) in any way. That is the thing I was not really prepared for,” the Mufti actor admitted.

A Still Of Ramesh Aravind And Prakash Belawadi Watching A Fond Memory On Screen
Source: ZEE5

Another question we made sure to ask him was about anything particular that drove nostalgia into his mind and he had a brilliant answer to give us. “You know anyone who came there, talked about the first time they met me. And that kind of thing, it really makes you nostalgic. For instance, Arjun Sajnani, with whom I am actually working on a play once more after many years, said when he first met me and that made me nostalgic because that is the first big lighting show that I did, in my theatre career,” he fondly recollected.

Additionally, he said, “The other thing that like really got to me was how Ananth Nag said that he first had a long conversation with me when we were shooting together for a movie called Mathadana, I remember those evenings with him with great fondness and it made me extremely nostalgic. So, whenever people talk about the first time they met me I feel really nostalgic you know (chuckles).”

I don’t know about you, but all I felt was that the actor and theatre personality Prakash Belawadi is a humble man and doesn’t hold back in giving credit where it is due. If you want to know more such exclusive things about him, watch the Prakash Belawadi Special episode on Weekend With Ramesh Season 4, right away!

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