Planning To Visit Wayanad Like Naagini’s Amrutha? Add These 6 Things To Your Bucket-List

A passionate traveller, adventurer and thrill-seeker, Naagini's Amrutha aka Deepika Das is a complete entertainment package for fans

Deepika Das Is An Inspiration For Travellers Everywhere

If you are in pursuit of a brilliant supernatural-fantasy show, don’t go looking any further because the Zee Kannada show Naagini is your best bet. Starring in the lead roles are Deepika Das as Amrutha/Naagini, and Dheekshith Shetty as Arjun. This primetime serial has successfully entertained fans for over 900 episodes now! The reason why this is cool is that as compared to normal TV serials, making a mythological or supernatural fiction seems to be far more challenging, so we are extremely glad that the show has been able to entertain you in that aspect.

The actress of the show, Deepika Das, is one of the biggest examples on the Zee Kannada roster if you are looking for a celebrity influencer because of her exceptional lifestyle habits. Travelling, nature, nails, hair, poses and fitness are some of Deepika’s favourite things to do. We couldn’t help but notice that recently, the actress took yet another vacation to the beautiful district of Wayanad in Kerala. And if you are packing your bags for a trip there soon, we would like to give you a rough itinerary about the activities you can do there. Let’s begin…

1. Thriunelli Temple – For the devotee in you

Famous for being dated back to approximately 3000 years ago, the Thirunelli temple was built for Lord Vishnu. Apart from the religious value, the temple is surrounded by scenic beauty.

2. Edakkal Caves – For the historian in you

Situated on the Ambukuthi hills, the Edakkal caves is said to contain some of the oldest prehistoric epigraphs aka inscriptions. Some of these even include pictorial representations that can only baffle someone from today’s time!

3. Pookode Lake – For the romantic in you

For anyone who didn’t know, the speciality of the lake is that it is shaped like the map of India. Famous for the freshwater fishes, and a variety of flora, this is an ideal spot for romantics.

4. Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary – For the nature enthusiast in you

Also known as the Muthanga Wildlife Sanctuary, the Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary is a haven for multiple species of flora and fauna. Many travellers want to go on this adventure because the sanctuary is the connecting ground for the Bandipur and Nagarhole wildlife parks, located in Karnataka and Tamil Nadu, respectively.

5. Kuruva Island – For the explorer in you

Proudly showcasing nature’s raw magic, Kuruva Island is situated in the Kabini river and is extremely famous for its bamboo rafting sports. The area is spread over 950 acres, so you don’t need to worry about time running out on such a joyous ride.

6. Chembra Peak – For the adventurer in you

Known for its picturesque views atop 6,900 ft above seawater, the Chembra Peak maybe your best bet to go for a good three-hour-long trek if you love a little workout on your vacations. Don’t miss the never-drying heart-shaped lake on your way up there!

Will you be going to some other place apart from these in Wayanad? Share with us your itineraries in the space given below.

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