Parvathi’s Innocent Look Vs. Mokshitha’s Chic Persona: You Like Her Real Image Or Reel?

Since she looks adorable either way, you will have a tough time deciding. So good luck!

Mokshitha Pai Has Great Sense Of Style, Even Though In Moderation.

Making her way into the hearts of her fans is the sweet-charmer, Mokshitha Pai. She plays the popular role of Parvathi on the show Paaru. Her character onscreen represents an innocent village girl, who is respectful towards elders and carries no negativity inside her. For a newbie, this lass has won hearts at such a rapid pace that viewers now, can’t get enough of her.

Mokshitha’s personality is a crowd-puller because of her simplicity. In fact, in my opinion, she looks best without makeup. Even her fashion sense reflects maturity, making her social media handles a visual treat for all viewers. There is no way that you won’t smile after going through her profile, she is that adorable. But which side of her do you like best? Mokshitha or Paaru? Time to decide…

1. Karuneya Pairu…Namma Paaru

With a simple langa-choli, Paaru looks remarkable with one juttu and jhumka earrings. A super simple chain that looks elegant and complements her look coupled with matching bale. Her small bottu and smile complete the overall outfit, don’t you think?

2. Mokshitha 2.0

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Elegance is the only beauty that never fades😊

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A massive difference in these two looks right? Unlike her previous outfit, Mokshitha’s fashion choices off-screen are simple but super-chic (totally my kind of style). She picks different combinations that make her look dainty yet delightful. Take this simple jeans and blouse combo for example.

3. Pretty even in Langa Davani

Apart from her usual langa-choli apparel, Paaru even wears a half saree when the occasion calls for it. Also known as Langa Davani, this outfit is not as long as a normal saree but does the trick for younger women. Namma Parvathi, however, looks like the outfit was designed keeping her in mind.

4. Pink is the classic pretty

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It is the season to sparkle ⚡️

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While Mokshitha doesn’t always wear party outfits, sometimes she makes an exception. Look at this outfit, for example, the length of the dress as well as the accessories that complement it perfectly balance the appeal. Couple that with a one-sided shoulder sleeve and a smile and voila! Some sparkle is created.

This Paaru actress loves to mix and match her apparel to stay in sync with the latest trends. Her selections are, however, still moderate in nature; nothing too extreme. Time for the verdict! Which side of this Paaru actress melted your heart? Give her a shout out in the box provided below.

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