Pakistan Announces Ease On Lockdown Even as COVID-19 Cases Continue To Rise

Imran Khan, prime minister of Pakistan, announced that the nation has no choice but to ease up on the lockdown.

Imran Khan

Worldwide, several countries are in a state of lockdown where only essential goods are being distributed while everything else is shut down. Though some countries like India are still following the lockdown, Pakistan has decided to ease up on the nationwide restrictions.

Prime Minister Imran Khan mentioned that there is economic havoc that the measures have wreaked and that the nation cannot afford to be under lockdown anymore. As a result, in spite of a rise in new coronavirus cases, Pakistan has decided to be functional again.

Khan has also mentioned that the nation will continue following all the social-distancing guidelines while businesses will reopen in phases. Schools, on the other hand, will remain closed until mid-July. In terms of transportation, public transport and domestic flights will not be functional as of now.

Many countries are already opening up its restrictions and gathering in public, especially during the evenings as people celebrate the holy month of Ramadan.

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