Paaru Weekly Recap Of 4-10 September 2019: Gani Puts His Life In Danger To Save Akhila

Last week, Anushka figures out that the man posing to be Kindari Jogi is actually Aditya and informs the same to Akhila. She also tries to kill Paaru!

Gani Falls Unconscious After The Electric Shock

Previously on Paaru, Anushka gives Parvathi an ultimatum to tell Akhila about her marriage with Aditya. While Paaru is asked to keep quiet about it by Aditya, Damini brainwashes Hanumanthu to come out with the truth. The entire family is shaken up when Paaru’s father forces her to say the truth in front of Akhilandeshwari. After learning that her own son hid this fact from her, someone whom she had trusted so much, Akhila breaks all ties with Aditya. Initially, Aditya goes into depression and does something he has never done before on purpose; consume alcohol.

Paaru and Preethu plan to arrange for an interview and secretly call Akhila and Adi to the same location. Akhila, who feels uncomfortable with this, somehow gets through with the interview but still is refuses to talk to her son. Soon, Aditya gets an idea to disguise himself as a man named Kindari Jogi. He makes his way into Akhila’s heart and very few of the house members know his real identity.

Now, let’s see what happened last week.

1. Kindari Jogi brings home the idol of Lord Ganesha, much to Gani’s annoyance

Gani Gets Upset When Adi Brings Home The Idol Of Lord Ganesha
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2. Soon, everyone votes for Parvathi to do the Gowri pooja after Anushka reveals that she doesn’t know how to do it

An Embarassed Still Of Anushka
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3. Paaru and Kindari Jogi look at each other awkwardly when Jaya tells Savithri that the former two look like a jodi made for each other

A Still Of Adi And Paaru
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4. Jogi soon starts the celebrations by asking Akhila to perform anything on stage

A Still Of Kindari Jogi Aka Aditya
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5. Despite her hesitation, finally, Akhila comes on stage and sings a devotional song and leaves for some other work

A Still Of Raghu And Akhila
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6. Anushka, who assumes that Kindari Jogi is another person tries to get Paaru and him to fall for each other

A Still Of Anushka And Paaru
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7. However, luck is not on Aditya’s side as Anushka soon finds out that Kindari jogi is actually Aditya himself

Anushka Is Shocked To Find Out That Kindari Jogi's Truth
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8. She makes a plan and informs everything to Akhilandeshwari, who gets furious

Akhila Is Shocked To Learn About What her Son Did Now
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9. Upon confrontation, Akhila is once again disheartened that her son could do such a thing

A Still Of Akhila And Aditya
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10. She refuses to come for the Ganesh visarjan later much to everyone’s sadness

A Sad Still Of Aditya
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11. Raghu, Preethu, Aditya and Parvathi go once again to try and convince Akhila to do the last aarthi

When Everyone Tries To Go And Convince Akhila To Do The Pooja
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12. Anushka in the meanwhile plants a fatal trap for Parvathi, who she knows will be the one to eventually do the pooja

Anushka Sets Her Plan In Motion
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13. As per her plan, Paaru completes the formalities and is just about to pick up the aarthi plate (which is connected to a live wire by Anushka), when Akhila arrives there

As Paaru Is About To Life The Aarthi Plate, Akhila Arrives There
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14. Much to Anushka’s astonishment, Akhila apologises to God for being rude earlier and decides to do the aarthi

Anushka Is Stunned To See Akhila
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15. Gani comes there just in time after realising what the wire is for and pushes Akhila amma away from the plate

An Exclusive Still Of Paaru And Akhila
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16. When Parvathi slaps his hard for pushing their God, he himself touches the plate to prove himself and gets a severe electrical shock

A Still Of Akhila, Paaru And Gani
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Will Gani be okay? How is Parvathi going to react at this outrage? Stay tuned to the next week’s update to find out.

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