Paaru Weekly Recap Of 16-22 August 2019: Will Paaru Succeed In Patching Up Akhila And Adi?

Last week, Akhila finds out about the fake-wedding that took place between Aditya and Paaru. You'll be surprised as to who she holds responsible!

An Emotional Still Of Akhila, Paaru, Preethu And Aditya

Previously on Paaru, as Anushka’s birthday party begins with a bang, one of her friends constantly harasses Paaru on her command. Aditya, who worriedly looks for Paaru saves her in time just as Anushka’s friend is forcing her to drink alcohol. The matter becomes big when Akhila top supports Aditya for saving a woman who is being forced (whoever it may be). The next day, Anushka is further upset when Aditya and Akhila call Paaru their lucky charm instead of her. So to exact vengeance on Parvathi, during Raksha Bandhana time, Anushka tries to make the former tie a rakhee to Aditya.

However, the situation is saved when Soujanya comes complaining to everyone that her rakhee-money is missing. Damini to tries to put the blame on Gani fails to do so as she finds out it was her husband who took the money. Parvathi and Ganesh celebrate Raksha Bandhana together with a smile and some tears in their eyes. Let’s find out what happened since then…

1. Paaru recollects Anushka’s warning about telling the truth to Anushka and decides that it is the right thing to do

A Sad Still Of Paaru
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2. Soon, Aditya arrives there and they both talk to each other via the dasavala hoova (Hibiscus flower)

Paaru And Aditya In A Still
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3. Damini watches them from a distance and is shocked when Paaru tells Aditya that she wants to tell Akhila their secret

Damini In A Still
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4. Aditya, who is disbelief about what he just heard, tries to explain to Parvathi about the repercussions of revealing this secret

A Still Of Aditya Arasanakote
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5. Damini then instigates Hanumantha to make Paaru confess to Akhila about the dummy wedding

A Still Of Hanumantha And Damini
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6. Reluctantly, Parvathi is then dragged in front of Akhilandeshwari, much to her surprise

A Still Of The Cast Of Paaru
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7. Hanumantha apologises to Akhila for all their wrong-doings and tells her that it is time to set things right no matter the consequences

An Apologetic Still Of Hanumantha
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8. Finally, the truth about the dummy-wedding is out and everyone including Raghu and Akhila stands stunned

A Shocked Still Of Akhila
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9. A few moments later, Akhila goes into her room and comes back out with a gun pointed towards Paaru

A Still Of When Akhila Angrily Points The Gun At Paaru
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10. Much to everyone’s astonishment, Akhila changes the target and points the gun towards her own son Aditya!

Akhila Changes The Target Of The Gunpoint From Paaru To Aditya
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11. She doesn’t shoot him but breaks down in tears at the betrayal her son committed towards the trust she had for him

An Emotional Still Of Akhila And Aditya
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12. Anushka gets irritated when she sees Akhila not blaming an innocent girl (Paaru) at all

An Irritated Still Of Anushka
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13. At night Preethu apologises to Aditya for the whole ‘dummy-wedding’ as it was actually his idea

A Still Of Aditya And Preethu
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14. The next day, Parvathi goes to Akhila to ensure she eats some food

A Still Of Paaru And Akhila
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15. Paaru’s guilt soon consumes her when her God, her Akhila Amma asks forgiveness for the injustice that happened

A Still Of Parvathi And Akhilandeshwari
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16. Meanwhile, Anushka goes to Aditya to comfort him from his troubles

A Still Of Anushka And Aditya
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17. Paaru later excitedly goes to Gani claiming she has an idea to unite Akhila and Adi (by arranging for an interview with the two of them)

A Still Of Gani And Paaru
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18. Elsewhere, Preethu finds Aditya in an intoxicated state and is disheartened to learn that his brother craves Akhila’s love

A Still Of When Preethu Finds Aditya High
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Will Paaru be successful in this attempt? Stay tuned to the next week’s update to find out.

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