On The 600th Episode Of Jodi Hakki, Parvathi’s Life Is In Grave Danger, Thanks To Nanditha

In the last moments of Parvathi’s life, Nanditha and her sister let her escape only to shoot her in the end. Will Parvathi survive the gun shot?

Congratulate Your Favourite Star On Jodi Hakki On Completing 600 Episodes

After months of chasing Parvathi, seems like Nanditha and Kadambari have achieved what they set out to do. Zee Kannada’s Jodi Hakki has taken a huge emotional blow on the 600th episode of the show. I’ll explain how but before that, here’s a quick recap of what happened after Rama buys Janaki new books to study. Nanditha, as usual, tried to stop Janaki from going to give the examination but Rama saves her. She is able to give the rest and the result of the exam is fruitful. While Rama then gets a business proposition from Tirupathi, Appanna and Parvathi decide to tell Rama the truth about them. At the same time, Nanditha and Kadambari hatch their final plan to end Parvathi and forcefully kidnap her from her home.

Elsewhere, Appanna tells Rama everything but it’s too late when they realise Parvathi has been kidnapped and rush to look for her. Let’s see what happened after that.

1. Kadambari and her young sister abduct Parvathi and take her to an abandoned area and plan to kill her

A Still Of Parvathi, Nanditha And One Of Her Thugs
Source: ZEE5

2. Nanditha interrupts the goon who has the gun pointing to her and announces that she wants the thrill of killing Parvathi

A Still Of Nanditha With The Gun
Source: ZEE5

3. Parvathi pleads to them to let her go, but all in vain

A Scared Still Of Parvathi
Source: ZEE5

4. Soon, Nanditha gets bored and decides to play a new game by pretending that she is giving Parvathi one last chance to escape

A Still Of Nanditha Getting Bored Of The Killing Game
Source: ZEE5

5. Meanwhile, Rama and Appanna along with the boys frantically look for Parvathi

A Worried Still Of Rama
Source: ZEE5

6. At the abandoned location Parvathi makes a run for it believing what Nanditha said

A Still Of When Parvathi Is Given A Chance To Escape And She Takes It
Source: ZEE5

7. Nanditha, however, has no plans of letting her escape and picks up the gun

Nanditha Executes The Last Part Of Her Plan And Shoots Parvathi
Source: ZEE5

8. As Parvathi is running, Nanditha takes aim and shoots

A Still Of Parvathi Who Is Shot Down By Nanditha
Source: ZEE5

9. At the same time, Appanna starts getting extra panicky and asks Rama to drive faster

A Still Of Appanna Getting Really Worried About Parvathi
Source: ZEE5

10. Just then they both find Parvathi running across the road and soon make an alarming discovery

Parvathi Finally Finds The Men She Loves The Most
Source: ZEE5

Will Parvathi survive? What will Rama and Janaki do now? Watch the latest episode of Jodi Hakki to find out. Furthermore, to wish the cast and crew of the show all your good wishes for completing 600 episodes, comment below.

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