Ningi And Her Bestie Kamali Can Teach You A Great Lesson On Gratitude

These two actresses have won hearts with their humility. Find out more.

Their Humble Nature Makes Them Grateful. Time To Take A Lesson Of Gratitude From Your Favourite Celeb

Amulya Gowda and Ankietha, who play the lovely roles of Kamali and Ningi respectively are all about being grateful. These Kamali actresses have always appreciated external help and never fail to say ‘thanks’. If you are a fan of these two lasses, you must have seen that in real life, they are very different from their on-screen characters.

So how do they end up looking like two halli hudugis with neatly tied jades? Meet the magic maker, Jyothi aunty…

Makeup artists are responsible for an actor’s look on camera and what a great job Namma Jyothi Akka/Aunty have done! From the hairstyle to their simple no-makeup look, she is behind all the magic. Many celebrities end up forgetting the reason why they look so good on stage, but never Kamali and Ningi! Here’s what Ankietha aka Ningi had to say about her favourite stylist…

These two BFFs may have a difference in opinion on the show sometimes, but in real life they are like two peas in a pod. After all, that’s what best friends are like. Plus, gratitude is always good for the mind and soul. When you are grateful about something, positivity kicks in and acts as an instant mood changer!

If you too have someone in your life that you are grateful for, give them a shout out in the space below.

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