Namma Favourite Show Jodi Hakki Is Ending Soon, So Let’s Look At Some Possible Outcomes

Would you want the story taking a small leap and then ending or maybe ending with Nanditha murdering someone else again?What's your favourite ending?

A Still Of Janaki And Rama

With a heavy heart, all you Jodi Hakki fans will soon have to say goodbye to your favourite show and favourite characters. But we still have some time left so to cheer you up, today we bring something interesting to you. The show itself has taken us through so many highs and lows and has entertained us for over 600 episodes now, starting from when Janaki (played by Chaithra Rao) steps into the life of a celibate Rama (played by Thandav Ram). How she changes him for the better and Janaki along with her husband stand up the evil Nanditha forms the rest of the story.

So as said earlier, before the show ends, we wanted you to take a look at a few endings that we thought would be appropriate for the show. So get ready to pick your favourite…

1. The one with a happy ending…

The most common ending to your favourite show could be that due to a miracle, Nanditha apologises for all that she has done to Janaki, Rama and the Doddmane. And out of the goodness of their hearts, they forgive her and give her one more chance too. So it would basically be a happily ever after for all.

2. The one with a horrible murder…

In an interesting end of events, maybe Nanditha continues to plot and plan and is finally successful in killing Janaki or Rama or even Appanna! And the story stops to a halt altogether. Can you imagine the horror?

The Cast Of Jodi Hakki In A Still
(Source: ZEE5)

3. The one with a time-leap…

Now this one is a little unique to the rest. Like how there was a certain time-leap when Janaki was studying her IAS, there could be another time leap where we can see Janaki and Rama’s offsprings! I am sure many of you fans would love such an amazing end right? I know I would!

4. The one with the life sentence…

Justice-wise this seems to be the most logical explanation. Because the day Nanditha murdered Parvathi, was the day she took justice in her hands. To send out a lesson to the world, maybe Janaki and Rama learn the truth and fight to get her a non-bailable life sentence? Wouldn’t you like to see how she gets away with things in jail?

While all these four endings read very great if you had to pick just one, which one would it be and why? Let us know your thoughts in the space given below.

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