Naagini Weekly Update 23 May-6 June 2019: Arjun Is In Trouble While Rudra Plans To Kill

Amrutha loses vision because of Bhairava so Arjun decides to find a cure for her. In the process, he falls into Urmila's trap again. Read more here!

A Still Of Deepika Das As Naagini

Starring Deepika Das and Dheekshith Shetty in the lead roles in the famous show Naagini on Zee Kannada, the story of Amrutha and Arjun continues. In the last update of Naagini, we learnt that some unknown lady, with a vengeful mind, hypnotises Arjun and makes him fall madly in love with her. Amrutha, on the other hand, decides to kill the people who murdered Shesha and places her doubts on Vishnu and Karna. She then fishes out the truth from them and is furious with what she learns. Amrutha then traps them into the mouth of a giant snake by playing tricks on them. Bhairava hears their cries and decides to help his best disciples.

Since then, there have been some developments, and some emotional incidents too. Let’s now take a quick pictorial recap:

1. Urmila executes her plan for Arjun and feels proud about it

A Still Of Urmila
Source: ZEE5

2. Recognising the necklace as Amrutha’s, Arjun worries if she is in some trouble

A Still Of Arjun Holding Amrutha's Necklace
Source: ZEE5

3. To take revenge for what she did to Rudra and Vishnu, Bhairava takes away Amrutha’s vision

A Still Of Amrutha When She Loses Her Vision
Source: ZEE5

4. Arjun saves Amrutha from her the forest and apologises to her about the unknown lady

A Still Of Arjun And Amrutha
Source: ZEE5

5. Meanwhile, Bhairava explains to Rudra and Vishnu why he couldn’t kill the massive snake that trapped them

An Angry Still Of Bhairava
Source: ZEE5

6. Soon, at home, Rudra and Vishnu try to reveal to the whole family that Amrutha is only the Naagini

A Still Of The Cast Of Naagini
Source: ZEE5

7. When Hema supports her, Rudra then makes his mother try to fish out the truth about Amrutha’s vision

A Still Of Rudra And His Mother
Source: ZEE5

8. Arjun’s friend Nanda soon returns from his cousin’s wedding and everyone welcomes him with open arms, especially Ajji

A Still Of Ajji, Nanda And Hema
Source: ZEE5

9. Arjun and Amrutha make a plan to fool everyone that she is not blind when they have to go for dinner

A Still Of Amrutha And Arjun
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10. Thanks to Nanda and Hema, they both make it through dinner without getting caught

A Still From The Show Naagini
Source: ZEE5

11. Next day, Arjun informs everyone that he is going away for a while, much to everyone’s surprise

Arjun Prepares To Leave To Find A Cure For Amrutha
Source: ZEE5

12. Before leaving, Arjun requests Nanda to help Amrutha and keep an eye of for any trouble that may lurk around her

A Still Of Nanda And Arjun
Source: ZEE5

13. Urmila is delighted that Arjun is come straight her and awaits him eagerly

A Delighted Picture Of Urmila
Source: ZEE5

14. Arjun finally meets the man who can help Amrutha’s but in vain as he claims to have given up making remedies a long time back

A Photograph Of Arjun And The Village-Medic
Source: ZEE5

15. A serpent named Shiva Sevaka restores Amrutha’s vision and blesses her

Shiva Sevaka Helps Amrutha See Again
Source: ZEE5

16. Souparnika and her mother-in-law are shocked when Amrutha brings coffee like as if her vision is restored

A Still Of Amrutha, Souparnika, Ajji And Nanda
Source: ZEE5

17. Arjun is back into the forest hunting for Urmila after she continues to trap him in her world of Maya, even more

A Still Of Arjun Wandering In The Forest
Source: ZEE5

18. Nanda overhears Rudra and Vishnu’s plan for Amrutha

A Photograph Of Nanda Overhearing Vishnu And Rudra's Plan
Source: ZEE5

19. When Rudra finally admits that he wants to kill Amrutha, Hema is shocked and so are the others

A Still Of Rudra And Hema
Source: ZEE5

20. Vishnu is shocked when Hema warns him that if he continues to accuse Amrutha, she might just leave him

A Shocked Picture Of Vishnu
Source: ZEE5

21. Elsewhere, Urmila finally reveals herself to Arjun and invites him into the house with malicious intentions

A Still Of Urmila And Arjun
Source: ZEE5

22. Amrutha thanks Hema for having her back when accusations were flying at her

A Still Of Amrutha And Hema
Source: ZEE5

Will Vishnu and Rudra forgive Hema so easily? What will Urmila do with Arjun? Stay tuned for the upcoming episodes to find out.

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