Naagini Actress Deepika Das Is Living Proof That A Plain Scarf Can Change Your Whole Look

When your wardrobe is being mean, try this method adopted by Namma Amrutha and you will be sorted.

You Might Already Know That She Is Fashionista. Her Love For Scarves Will Prove It Further

Change is something that everybody looks for, to kill any kind of monotony. Namma adorable Naagini, Deepika Das too, faces this. In order to break your fashion routine, you need to keep mixing and making combinations. For a fashionista like Deepika Das, it is a piece of cake to come up with something new in her apparel combos. Take scarves, for example.

Not only are scarves easily affordable, but they also look wow-worthy all year round. Scarves come for all kinds of seasons. It looks chic and will go with any possible set of clothes. Be it T-shirts, formals or party dresses, this accessory will add an extra sparkle to your look, giving you the boost in confidence that you may lack otherwise. 

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Although this Naagini actress doesn’t need a scarf to look chic, she still chooses to wear one. Why? Because she knows that it will add a pattern or colour to her lazy-outfits. Apart from wearing it as a scarf, you can also use it to wear a belt around your waist. Try it, it looks awesome. Another use for a scarf, if say you want to remove it for a while, is to tie it in a bow or just a knot around your baggage. It looks beautiful and will surely turn a head or two.

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There are many patterns and material that scarves come in. Patterns could be anything from floral to blocks, while material could be wool, satin or cotton etc. Scarves are a trend amongst the youth and continue to gain popularity around the globe because of it’s multiple uses. So, the next time you feel like your outfit is off, just pick out your favourite scarf and wrap it around your neck. You will not only feel more confident, but it will boost your mood overall.  

Which accessory do you like to pair with your clothes when you are facing a fashion fatigue? Share your thoughts and comments in the space below.

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