Naagini 2 Weekly Update 24-28 February 2020: Shivani Goes In Search Of Adisesha

Adisesha has taken the form of either Trishul or Trivikrama; Shivani tries to find out which of the two is actually Adisesha.

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In the previous episode of Naagini 2, a group of men is required to bring the naagamani to the tantric in order to perform certain rituals, during which Adisesha dies. After Adisesha’s death, the Guruji helps Shivani reincarnate as a little girl to search for the man who stole the naagamani, and to find Adisesha, who has taken the form of a boy.

Trishul and Trivikrama are flying kites with their respective fathers, while Shivani stands behind a tree and calls for Trivikrama.

Trishul and Trivikrama fly kites
Trishul and Trivikrama fly kites

Trivikrama is hypnotised by Shivani, who wants to tell him her true identity and make him remember his life as Adisesha. Just as she begins to tell him, Trishul comes to his rescue, asking what he is doing with an unknown woman.

Trishul comes to his rescue
Trishul comes to Trivikrama’s rescue

Shivani then makes the two boys unconscious to check for a birthmark on Trishul or Trivikrama’s feet that could identify either of them as Adisesha. On checking their feet, she realises that neither of them have the birthmark that Adisesha did.

Both they boys become unconscious
Both the boys fall unconscious

Confused about the missing birthmark, Shivani seeks the Guruji’s advice on how to proceed. Guruji tells her to have more patience and spend more time with the boys’ family. Shivani takes the form of the little girl once again, and goes back to their house.

Shivani seeks Guruji's help
Shivani seeks Guruji’s help

Shivani also tells the members of the family that she hears someone calling for help in the house. When questioned, she denies having heard anything more than that.

Shivani comes back to the same house as the orphan girl
Shivani comes back to the same house as the orphan girl

Nandisha and his boss go to the tantric to tell him that odd things have been happening in their house. The tantric tells him that the girl who has visited the house is the lover of Adisesha—the man they killed nine years ago. He also tells them that she has come to avenge the death of her husband.

The tantric tells them about Shivani
The tantric tells them about Shivani

Elsewhere, Shivani is still trying to identify Adisesha. The tantric arrives as she is performing a ritual to find him. He plays the been so that Shivani takes the form of a snake, and puts her in a basket.

Shivani is trapped by the tantric
Shivani is trapped by the tantric

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