Naagini 13-22 May 2019 Weekly Recap: Rudra, Vishnu And Bhairava Kill Shesha Ruthlessly

Amrutha finds Shesha in her last moments. An ending that will make you sad for sure. Learn what else happened on Naagin last week.

Amrutha's Guardian Angel Shesha Is Killed

If you are a fan of the hit Zee Kannada Show Naagini, then you will know that Vishnu has been after the Nagamani since like forever. His nemesis, his daughter-in-law, Amrutha (played by actress Deepika Das) is the princess of Naga Loka, who has come to earth to retrieve the Nagamani. However, in the process, she falls in love with a human, Arjun (Dheekshith Shetty), her husband. Despite Vishnu’s million attempts to get his hands on the Nagamani (with evil intentions of course) Amrutha always stands in the way. Her snake form, Shesha, is like a guardian angel, and together it was their mission to retrieve the sacred artefact together, until recently.

In a gruesome faceoff, Bhairava, Vishnu and his younger brother Rudra’s guru, attacks Shesha. Let’s look at the highpoints since then.

1. Shesha is brutally stabbed by Bhairava with his Trishul

A Still Of Bhairava With The Trishul
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2. Amrutha reaches Shesha in time to be with her in her final moments

Amrutha Is Devastated To See Shesha In Her Final Moments
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3. Shesha dies with some crucial information about the Nagamani with her

A Few Moments Before Shesha Dies
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4. The repeated sound of anklets at night awakens Arjun and makes him attracted towards it

Arjun Follows The Sound Of The Anklets
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5. The Enchantress, promises to exact vengeance from Arjun and continues to trouble him

Urmila Promises To End Arjun
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6. From then on, Arjun becomes a sleep-walker

Arjun In A Trance As Soon As He Hears The Anklets
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7. One night, his grandmother spots him and is shocked to see him coldly walk out the door

Arjun's Grandmother Sees Him Walking Away
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8. Soon, the enchantress, Urmila, reveals her true identity to Arjun, who is entranced by her

Urmila Is Successful In Her Plan To Entice Arjun
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9. However, when she later makes an attempt to kill Arjun, the Nagamani inside him protects him

Urmila Isn't Able To Kill Arjun
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10. Amrutha wakes up the next day and finds Arjun gone

Amrutha Is Startled To See Arjun Missing From The Room In The Morning
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11. While searching for Arjun, she comes across Rudra and promises to teach him and Vishnu a lesson, if she finds that they have killed Shesha

Amrutha Doubts Rudra For Having Killed Shesha
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12. Amrutha pretends to be Shesha’s ghost and tortures Rudra to speak the truth

Amrutha Tries To Scare Away Rudra By Pretending To Be Shesha's Ghost
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13. Thanks to Vishnu, he soon realises it was all in his mind

Vishnu Comes To Rudra's Rescue
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14. Later, ‘Shesha’s ghost’ haunts Vishnu too, but this time Hema finds him in a mentally disturbed state

Vishnu Is Affected By Shesha's Ghost Too
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15. This drives Vishnu to wonder who this apparition really is; Shesha or Amrutha?

Vishnu Wonders About His Torturer
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16. That night, a massive snake blocks the path of Rudra and Vishnu

Rudra And Vishnu Are Stopped By This Massive Snake
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17. So, they abandon their car and make a run for it

A Running Still Of Rudra And Vishnu
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18. As fate would have it, they enter a cave assuming that it will be safe but end up in the huge snake’s mouth

Rudra And Vishnu Fall For The Snake's Trap
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19. Bhairava is startled to hear the cries of these two and decides to find out what is going on

Bhairava Tries To Find Out About The Trouble Vishnu And Rudra Are In
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20. In the end, he promises to make the snake pay for trying to kill his most prized pupils

Bhairava Takes An Oath To Punish The Culprit
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What will Bhairava do next? Will he figure out that Shesha hasn’t returned? Stay tuned to find out.

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